Close Encounter of the Holmes Kind

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Close Encounter of the Holmes Kind

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on Sep 21, 2012 by Sheilaaliens

by Charlie Brown (her shirt)... ok anyway

"Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes has spent the last two months in a special cell at the Arapahoe County Jail away from the general inmate population.
A former inmate tells FOX31 Denver's Justin Joseph that Holmes is being held in the jail's medical ward.

She knows because she says she was held there this weekend in a cell a few down from his.

"I was like is that him? She's like yeah that's him that's James Holmes but he had his head shaved."

Marie asked us not use her last name. She suffers from a medical condition and says last weekend she spent three days in a jail cell just a few feet away from Holmes.
She drew us a diagram of the medical ward. She claims Holmes, who is separated from the general population, is held in cell M1 just across from deputies. She was in cell M5, a few cells down."
Read more: ... f-close-...

This seems to me like a story of what happened through the eyes of a bitter, jealous woman who is predisposed to think James is guilty. DO NOT judge on her story alone, she has no proof but her word and no other stories like this have come out about James thus far.

Shame on the media, they only report the bad stuff. Like the schools that rejected him? What about the schools that HE REJECTED, they sorta forgot to tell ya about those, didn't they?... ugh! F*ck the F*CKING media.

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