Coast To Coast AM 09/22/12 ~ Alien Visitations/ Middle East

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Coast To Coast AM 09.22.2012 Alien Visitations / Steve Quayle Middle East

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Published on Sep 23, 2012 by Boomdaddy02
Date: 09-22-12
Host: John B. Wells
Guests: Vince Rotonda, Colet Abedi, Steve Quayle

John B. Wells welcomes Vince Rotonda and Colet Abedi, producers from the new TV series, Unsealed Alien Files, for a discussion on mass UFO sightings, personal abductions, government cover-ups, "photoshopping" of UFOs, the value of Wikileaks, and newly released documents that show how alien visitations have affected our past and what influence they will have on our future.

In the first hour, author and researcher Steve Quayle provides an update on the situation in the Middle East.


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