Coast To Coast AM 09/24/2012 ~ Alien Artifacts on the Moon

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Coast To Coast AM 09.24.2012 Alien Artifacts on the Moon

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Published on Sep 25, 2012 by Boomdaddy02

Date: 09-24-12
Host: George Noory
Guests: Mike Bara, Alan Stern

Author, lecturer and aerospace engineer Mike Bara presented evidence that the Moon is littered with ancient artifacts, which suggests to him that at one time it was inhabited by extraterrestrials, or possibly an ancient or ancestral civilization of humans. The moon has a curious orbit and it's almost as if it's been placed in its position by design, he commented. He concurs with Richard C. Hoagland that there are a number of glass-like towers on the moon. These towers have an engineering structure with layers, and girders that is reminiscent of human architecture, he observed. One vertical tower, that sticks out like the Washington Monument, he estimated to be a staggering 20-25 miles tall.

There are also meteor shields made out of glass-- in the moon's vacuum environment, glass is about twice as strong as steel, he noted. Transparent glass domes are present over the Cleomedes craters, and you can see geometric structures inside them, he continued. Interestingly, he suggested that the Apollo 17 mission was a salvaging operation at South Massif, a hexagonally-shaped mountainous area. The back end appeared to be blown out, and contained geometric patterning inside of it, "as if the whole thing was made up of a series of rooms and cells," he said.

Bara also addressed the "Data's Head" anomaly which he believes is a robot's head, and has a painted red stripe on it, as well as controversies surrounding the Daedalus Ziggurat, a pyramid-like structure with walls and ramps. He explained that he's reached many of his conclusions by studying early lunar photos such as from the Apollo missions. He distrusts newer digital images from lunar probes, as he believes NASA whitewashes evidence and information from them.

Planets & Space Exploration

First hour guest, planetary scientist and space program executive, Dr. Alan Stern, spoke about current and future space missions and exploration. He cited the importance of commercial space development which is bringing down the cost of new space capsules and launch vehicles. His new company Uwingu seeks to fund space exploration and research through the sale of its products. In talking about our solar system, Stern suggested it's likely there could be many small planets out past Pluto, some of which may have subterranean oceans capable of supporting life.


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Nice, will check this out now. :cheers:

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Troll2rocks wrote:Nice, will check this out now. :cheers:

The moon is your friend..... :mrgreen:


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