Coast To Coast AM - July 10 2013 - Weather Wars/ Bigfoot

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Coast To Coast AM - July 10 2013 - Weather Modification/ Searching for Bigfoot

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Weather Modification / Searching for Bigfoot

Date: 07-10-13
Host: George Noory
Guests: Scott Stevens, Cliff Barackman

In the first half, meteorologist Scott Stevens discussed strange weather patterns, weather modification, and chemtrails. We've seen a recurrent pattern for years now, where it seems that storms are going to develop, but they just don't deliver what they should, and this is a sign that the natural weather is being altered, he indicated. He believes, without a doubt, that chemtrails are real, and they represent part of a larger, geo-engineering program. The oft sighted aerial triangular crafts may be the home base for the chemtrail planes, which never have to touch ground, he continued.

Studying the research of Tom Bearden, Stevens suggested that North America is being subject to full time weather modification by a power-hungry military industrial complex. "If you own the weather, there's just not much else you're not going to own"'s like your "disaster machine of choice," and you can target specific locations for hurricanes, droughts, and floods, he said. Stevens cited current weather anomalies like a squall line (line of thunderstorms) seeming to move backwards, and clouds passing intact through each other as though they hadn't touched, similar to the aerosol-created chemtrails, which don't seem to float with the wind. For more, check out Stevens' YouTube channel.


In the latter half, Bigfoot investigator Cliff Barackman talked about his search for the elusive Sasquatch, what type of evidence stands up, and various projects he's involved in, such as the TV show, Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet. He's concluded that Bigfoot are a species of ape that mostly exhibit ape-like behaviors (though occasionally he runs across strange stories like the creature becoming invisible or speaking English). Barackman has amassed one of the largest Sasquatch footprint cast collections in the country and has learned a lot about the creatures through them. They show that the anatomy is consistent with samples found from various locations around North America, as well as with what we know about other apes' footprints, which are more flexible than human footprints, he detailed.

Barackman cited the congruency of such evidence which dates back decades. "Sasquatch have their ankle bone pushed forward on the foot between 12 and 16% further than humans; that's because of the bio-mechanics of walking," and you can see this demonstrated in the Patterson-Gimlin film, he said. Further, witness accounts of specific behaviors of the creatures are similar to what was reported as far back as the 1860s, he said. Bigfoot are not monsters, and they deserve our compassion and should not be hunted down, he added. Among the more recent photo evidence, he mentioned an intriguing trail camera photo taken in Vermont. For more, check Barackman's blog and DVD, Bigfoot Roadtrip.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Lauren Weinstein


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