Coca-cola recommended as 'medical cure'

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PostMon Jan 07, 2013 10:00 pm » by Webcat

Don't drink coke or pepsi.

I like vodka and orange.


That's a 200 litre bottle for Sandra Bullock.

And I though I was a lush!


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PostMon Jan 07, 2013 10:15 pm » by Opalserpent

Chaindrive wrote:
monica44 wrote:It will not only remove stomach blockages it will also remove you lining too...Have you seen what any brand of cola does to coins/dirty metals, it strips it. UGH. The world food agencies still allow this gut rot to be sold, why ? corporate money, of course. :vomit: :badair:

Your talking about the acid in lemons or oranges and if you at least eat a somewhat balanced diet or other superfoods.. I really dont see the problem..

and this "secret" ingredient in pepsi... Ive been hearing shit like that for years.. How about red dye No5.. that comes from crushes beetles from south america...... how about eating food from a street vendor in new york city... wanna guess whats in THAT.?

I actually dont have a problem with this (as such)... I rather drink a tanker truck full of pepsi then to have just ONE can of diet... you couldnt pay me enough to drink a can of diet. Not only for the Aspartame... BUT if I did drink a diet (I didnt know that MAX was diet and only got about 1/3 down before I threw it away) all I can ever taste is salt... and alot of it.. I have no clue why people would ever want to drink that shit is beyond me...

They use cheap phosphoric acid now. I only drink coke with spirits otherwise it's just poison
made with gmo corn.

You can google kerosene used as medicine though it sounds just as dodgy.
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PostMon Jan 07, 2013 11:30 pm » by theclarificator3

theclarificator3 wrote:
how about pepsi ,i prefer pepsi ,coke here is gassy and greasy

PEPSI? Are you Insane? You know what's PEPSI secret ingredient, right? :badair:[/quote]

I'm insane or nobody here knew that Pepsi secret ingredient is actually bath salts?


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