Colin Andrews Open Minds Crop Circle Interview

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In the just released Aug/Sept 2012 issue of Open Minds magazine Colin Andrews is interviewed by Ellen Mahoney regarding his current understanding of the crop circle phenomenon. Below is an excerpt from the interview:
EM: What do people typically think these formations are?

CA: It falls in two camps. People think they're either hoaxed or extraterrestrial. I believe both are true and important.

EM: How are crop circles formed?

CA: Typically the circles form quickly. Farmers will often say, "Well it wasn't there last nightat dusk, but it was there at first lightaround 4:00 a.m." This is the normal window. But I've interviewed people who clain to have seen athe actual crop circle plants collapse and sporal outward in less than ten seconds. It's like watchinga handheld fan open up.
Some crop circles are created by humans who respond to what they call an "urge" or sudden spontaneous feeling that I believe may be prompts or even commands from an unknown source. Others are created by an invisible, intelligently applied technology that probably works with forces of nature we've not yet discovered.
We'll always have the challenges and deceptions of other humans hoaxing these circles by stomping out the crop formations with planks of wood. I do believe there is another intelligence involved, but whether this is an angelic force or from a high level of nature we might call the "God Force", I can't say. The commonality that connects both is the mind, and we are all a part of this. We've been able to replicate simple circles within a laboratory setting using low levels of microwave energy to bend plants. But the plants in these experiments die, whereas those in the fields do not.

EM: What are the crop messages telling us?

CA: Crop circles are different from anything else happening on the planet now. They're beautifully spectacular and mysterious. They encourage us to think outside the box and ask questions. For example, if we saw graffiti in New York City we might wonder who put it there, why they put it there, and what they were thinking. But when you have something that genuinely starts out in the food basket in natural plants, you're looking at nature and the most wonderful landscape you can imagine. Suddenly you're engaged and you're making an emotional, spiritual connection. It couldn't be more clever.

EM: What do you think when people see highly complex crop circles and they think they're manmade?

CA: People have different reactions. At one end of the spectrum, some people quickly embrace the concept while others won't give it a second thought.
During my initial investigation of the circles, I'd take 35mm film into a one-hour photo lab in Andover. Thepeople who developed the pictures got to know me because I was always there with these strange crop circles, and they'd look at the fomations as they printed the photos., Well, they were totally skeptical and always challenged me by saying, " You can't actually believe this."
But on August 12, 2001, I photographed the huge Galaxy formation, which was 409 circles and is nearly 800 feet across. I had to fly two thousand feet above the formations to get the whole thing into a single frame. This time the folks at the photo shop were waiting for me and said, "My god, who could possibly have made that?" They became believers on the spot--the skeptic turned believer.
Even some of the people I knew who claimed to have made circles said they wer baffled and impressed by the Galaxy formation.

EM: You've investigated these circles and UFOs for decades. Why do you say that consciousness is now the focus of your work?

CA: I've had so many experiences that involve the expansion of consciousness and have witnessed an unknown mind that is interacting with a human mind. I believe there is a conversation, an interaction taking place in the cereal crops, and now we have proof that something else is on this journey with us. for me, the obvious place t go was to study human mind and the evolution of consciousness.
Crop circles provide us a unique threshhold for a new paradigm of understanding that is naturally loving, giving, trusting, and forgiving. They open a door to new experiences of growth, and I'm now open to understanding that, conceivably, nothing is quite the way it appears.

EM:What is the purpose of your life work?

CA: That is a question I ask myself every day. How can an electrical engineer coming from an ordinary family do what I do?
I'm deeply concerned with the trending of human behavior, so I try to act as an intermediary between the past and the future. My job is to help others understand how we got here, where we can continue to go, and where we can falter at temendous cost to every living being on the planet if we don't integrate out thoughts and our actions to a higher domain.

EM: How do you see Earth changing, and what's love got to do with it?

CA: Unfortunately, up until this point, humans haven't exhibited enough of the higher level of thinking of love. We've lived in a degraded environment with little or no respect for our actions, and this has caused problems for ourselves and other species that have looked to us for safelty.
We are at a crossroads, which requires a dramatic, different, and urgent approach. Love is the one thing that we really must work with for the future of ourselves and all living creatures on the planet and beyond.

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