Colorado sky 6-28-13

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PostSun Jun 30, 2013 3:31 am » by Hr2burn

I really had second thoughts putting this under UFO & Aliens, but whatever...
I hope someone else lives in Colorado and saw this, anyone else, I'd like to hear thoughts on what in might be. Last night at about 10 pm there were CRAZY lightening strikes, they said 2000 per hour. There really wasn't much rumbling as we have 2 German Shepherds that require Valium when that happens. We went outside to watch it and while the lightening was blowing up everywhere, there were 4 LARGE globes of light "carouseling" in a circle. They would kind of take turns being on in random patterns. Distance was probably 5 to no more than 8 miles south of my home and IN the clouds, so maybe 30-40 thousand feet up. I watched for about 30 seconds and ran inside to grab my cell phone to record it. When I get back(15 seconds) it was gone.
Get this, my wife says, "That sucks, it's been going on for like an hour"..... :hell: why the hell didn't you tell me?! She says she thought it was those huge spot lights. To a point I agree, but it was OBVIOUSLY inside the cloud. The bottom of the cloud wasn't lit up, the glow was from within. I searched the Internet and local news to see if anyone else reported this, they DID say there was aurora going on but on the north eastern plains. I live in the foot hills (where Red Rocks Amphitheater is) that's probably 250+ miles away and we were under thick Thunderhead clouds.
If I tried to imagine a plane moving at that speed, it would have to be a jet fighter and it would have to been close. At that distance, it must have equaled 2000+mph and it was a circle of four in, I would guess, the diameter of that circle was about 3 miles. It's just another unsubstantiated sighting....that blows. At this point, I just want to hear other options of what it might be. I blew the chance to record, and as for my wife, well she doesn't know it, but I'm kinda irritated with her. I would have LOVED to have at least been able to have watched that longer.
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