Comet Siding Spring - Potential Interactions

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PostTue Jul 01, 2014 1:48 pm » by DarkHeart

*WillEase* wrote:I was typing too fast to realize the error butt weasel.

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PostTue Jul 01, 2014 2:20 pm » by Domeika

I really hope it gets close enough to Mars to cause a discharge between the two.

Between the rovers and probes, we have eyes close in space and on the surface. The view from the surface though, could validate what the ancients here carved into rock, i.e. dragons, serpents....the closest thing in their world view as to what it was, when in reality, plasma filaments....curling like a serpent, and dangerous, like a serpent.

Imagine looking up and seeing that, and experiencing lightning far off the charts of anything you've ever seen. Lightning that can vaporize miles of rock into dust. :nails:

If it does get close enough for a discharge event, it will be interesting, no.....comical, to see the astrophysicists try to tap dance around it to make it fit their "dirty snowball" theory. At that point they'll be looking a bit like Baghdad Bob...denying the obvious and the very visual truth, and looking more ridiculous the more they try.

The bad part is that if it does discharge and vaporize some of the surface, Earth will go through the flotsam and jetsam. Well, I guess before we close the bunker door we'll have to shout....

"I told you so". :lol:


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