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PostWed Apr 01, 2009 3:34 am » by Natrader

I work in sales, that involves constant travel back and forth from Canada to the U.S. While I have never signed up at any site, I have always respected this one. I have pondered sharing this info, as this traffic is monitored, however, traveling reduces risks. I wish this was crazy, but it is very real. I make many friends in my travels, and have accounts at or near military bases on both sides. I have sources on both sides of the border that collaborate this info. I will only post as the opportunity is available to me.

Since the mid 1980's the Canadian Military have been preparing and training for a global crisis.. This was headed up by a secret Military Think Tank that arrived to a conclusion that the most likely time for this type of event to occur was pin pointed to be in 2009 and at its apex in 2011.. Also it is forecast through the think tank and intel that there will be a massive deterioration in the stability in the USA starting in the fall of 2009 and escalating until 2011..( same time as Canadian Military comes home) There will be a social break down with many other problems.. Food shortages, power outages, and social unrest. Most predominent areas in the Sates of worry are in NewYork State, California and the Bible Belt States.
Most other Large cities will also be at risk. The bread basket states are the most likely to pull through and be self supportive. Canadians at this time are warned to stay away from borders during this event. Also prepare themselves for shortages and long periods of time without power(Electrical and.Fuel shortages)... Many food and trade routes will be disrupted.
See Canadian Government Video and preparered ness campaign..
During this time frame as well it is forecast through the think tank and intel that there will be attacks against western targets including the USA and possibly Canada. Thus far the public is getting half truths and may never told of this untill the time comes to avoid massive panic.
When this takes place all Canadian Military bases will go on Alert and will be locked down.. There has been many exercises to prepare for this.. No one gets in or out.There is a contingency plan to effectively make sure that the Canadian military stays intact and the branches of our government and infrastructures are also functional... All Military personelle will be on base and this will be in effect until the initial danger has passed. There has been prepared protocols to follow in case of Nuclear/radio active and or biological after effects. Advice is prepare for the worst. Food storage, dried goods, water, clothing, etc.
Once again this is a plan that has been looked at and trained for since the mid 80's...

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PostWed Apr 01, 2009 4:02 am » by Boaterguy

that would explain alot of things that are going on here. i'm on a farm in the southern prairies of canada. if i take 85 steps out my south door, i'm in america. a road running along the canadian side of the border, which passed right next to my yard, the traffic of unknown unmarked vehicles are frequenting along with marked vehicles patrolling the american side. vehicles with markings that i've never seen before in the 39 years i've resided here. traffic at all hours of the night including the RCMP. regular enough to make me uncomfortable. along with the tightened security at the border comes the tightened security with the two power stations just miles away. there are also 3 significant dams in this area that have security on them also... never, not even after 911 had there been security on them. these dams control the amount of water going to america.... flood control and also cooling waters for the lignite fired powerstations. these powerstations provide a major amount of electricity to the norther prairie states. what you stated natrader, makes alot of sense to me.

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PostWed Apr 01, 2009 4:46 am » by Hesop

Much sense indeed. Some of the truckers coming through here have some bits they care to share as well. I've heard about food deliveries to newer large warehouses they say are in isolated areas, and very strange. As it would seem like a temp or transfer depot, but no trucks are coming out loaded, just deliveries in. I occaisionally sit and have a coffee or two at the truck stops here. People that have been on the road for years, notice these small details right away. Never got a bad tip from any of them. There's other whispers too, about military, but I don't have enough to "clarify" into text at the time. May be just some southern border stuff.
Thanx for the up, Natrader. :cheers:

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PostWed Apr 01, 2009 1:10 pm » by Drextin

I only want to know one thing. What the hell do you sale? Cause that is a lot of inside info for a salesman.
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PostWed Apr 01, 2009 1:12 pm » by Darkspark

I'm in the UK, North West England to be precise, over the past few months i've seen many chinhook helicopters as well as military jets over head. I live in a moderately sized town and things like this are usually a rarity but the amount i've seen of late points to something different. Lets just hope it's military exercises!
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PostWed Apr 01, 2009 11:25 pm » by Hesop

Interesting post Slush. You'ld think they have areas set aside for training, like they do here.

Been kinda dull here, although I did re-caulk a couple of windows that tend to rattle occaissionaly.




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PostWed Apr 01, 2009 11:54 pm » by Eaganthorn

A lot of activity in the Florida pan handle as well. I'm in Panama City and see plenty of training on any given day, but this past year there has been a big step up of activity.
Lots of big transport jets in the area, more sonic booms on the beach than normal.
I'm used to seeing two or three of those fat transports each six months, but I see one or two a week now.
Way more types of jets coming through the area than normal, tail markers from all over the US.
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PostThu Apr 02, 2009 1:26 am » by Kyo121

it's exactly the opposite of here where i live. I live 10-15 miles away from a military base and for the last 4 years i've been here there's always something going on, low flying planes, cannons going off now and then, gun fires, etc, but in the last 4-6 months there's barely anything going on. Maybe they moved somewhere else o.O......if they're moving should i stay? lol...

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PostThu Apr 02, 2009 2:48 am » by Dirtyrabbit

kyo121 do you live near Ft Gordon?
and you keep saying no action the other day I posted something to you something was going down in your area I guess you didn't see it..
yah got to get out side more often man!

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PostThu Apr 02, 2009 8:02 am » by Boaterguy

sometimes no activity might not be a good thing either. for a long time up until the last couple years, there was always activity between moose jaw air base and minot. there were at least a 1 chopper a week. sometimes nothing for a couple. doing what, i couldn't tell ya. ya can sure tell a military chopper from a civilian just by the sound. but that all stopped. but noticed what i would have to quess as fighter jets maybe a mile or so up approaching the border and then running parallel with the border a few miles north of it on the canadian side. i know for a fact, moose jaw air base doesn't practice exercises down here. they practice their exercises over their designated air space just south of moose jaw. what they would be doing down here is a mystery to me. during the winter, i don't spend must time gazing at the sky, but noticed 5 fly-bys since january. but the activity on the border is driving me nuts. dogs barking at all times of the night. we never got traffic much until recently. just the neighbour heading home from a having a few gallons of liquified barley but not much more. any activity is too much activity out here. thats why its so damn noticeable. i'm not the only one concerned of this. many farmers along the border are having the same activity around their places too. and my buds on the state side are noticing and feeling the same effects as us. i wish there were more people in here that resided along the border so they could tell us whats going on in their area. i know manitoba is more active than here.


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