comm between physic universe and parallel universe possible?

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PostTue May 11, 2010 3:14 pm » by Nickelson

The mental stealth communication happens between the projected life in the physical universe and the other projections in the parallel universes


Scientists now are finding that the stealth continuous communication through gravity waves between living beings and the higher dimensions are facts.

Every Zero Point Energy Module (ZPEM) communicate with the central command and control of all creation. Every Zero Point Energy Module is told what to do every moment. We call it natural instinct of living beings. When a wild animal gives birth, it knows what to do. The new born also knows what to do and where to do.

The ZPEMs have the capabilities to communicate without letting conscious living beings know anything about that communication. Some contemporary physicists believe that the communication happens between the real existence of the ZPEM in the Hyperspace and the physical projection of the ZPEM in the physical universe of ours. That means all of us actually are living in the Hyperspace and our body and physical existence in the physical universe are temporary projections. The projections eventually disappear when the living beings die but the ZPEMs continue in the Hyperspace as well as in other parallel universes through other projections.


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PostTue May 11, 2010 4:13 pm » by Constabul

Headline: Parallel universe proof boosts time travel hopes
Link: ... hopes.html
Nice Documentary of more recent understandings of Parallel Universe, M-Theory, and Gravity

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