CONFISCATION: weapons before deposits, real estate: Nobel PP

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LINK between CONFISCATION (weapons before deposits and real estate) and Nobel "Peace" Prize 2013 - ATTENTION NOT a JOKE
The stage is as simple as this:

1. 6 years into illuminati overtime, they MUST NOW confiscate.
Because the usual tactics have reached the limit:
- genocide of elderly, sick and candidates to retire in the near future (30 million murdered in the USA / EU / Canada / Australia during the last 15 years, the largest genocide ever);
- cuts of salaries, pensions,social benefits, etc;
- increase of working hours, taxes, prices, retirement age, etc.

2. Beasts obvioulsy didn't revolt at the previous stages, as basic freedom rights were suppressed and shock police and mass detentions was enough to repress the protests.
But it's a diferent story when the shelves become empty and people are stripped of their assets.
At this point the illuminati must resort to their ultimate weapons: race war, air force pilots bombing first and gassing later the revolting population.

LINK between CONFISCATION and Nobel Peace Prize 2013
1. CONFISCATION: weapons before UNPRECDENTED for deposits and real estate in the "free world of capitalism".
CONFISCATION of private property starts by the most valuable of ANY kind of real estate.

2. Nobel Peace Prize 2013:
Nobel "Peace" Prize 2013 script predicted: Celebration of agenda ACCEPTANCE of GASSING the revolting population in WW3.

(1) Unprecedented confiscation of private assets in the "free world": ALL real estate within 50 meters from the Atlantic Ocean and 30 meters from a river or lake
UNDENIABLE *** EVIDENCE ***: UNPRECEDENTED GENERALIZED CONFISCATION of private property is imminent in the IV REICH ... 376681/pg1

(2) Nobel "Peace" Prize 2013 script predicted by one and the same as usual: ... 380877/pg1

Sovereign Debt HOAX and Deposits and Pension Funds confiscation: PUTIN replaced by imposter the KEY to WHY start 2011 in Greece 2013 in Cyprus ... 376212/pg1

Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Russia "govs":
END TIME UNDENIABLE PROOF: Almost *** ALL *** world "govs" are DELIBERATELY working overtime to DESTROY their own people ... 376220/pg1

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