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PostTue Mar 30, 2010 12:53 am » by Biledriver

And for those actually being proactive, keep it up and peace to you all.

Slow down there my friend. There were no accusations; was a pretty blanket statement and was meant to reinforce a point, that's all. Too many people talk the talk, but so few actually get off their asses and do shit. I know there are quite a few people that are proactive on this site, and on lots of sites, but the bulk of people who bitch, do it to hear themselves talk...same same offline too.

Thank you for being proactive and keeping the proverbial torch going. This is what we need as a whole and eventually more and more will do the same.

So again, sorry if you took it as a stab, it wasn't intended to be one. Well, maybe a bit to those who do jack shit but complain.

Peace :cheers:

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PostTue Mar 30, 2010 3:49 am » by Disorganizer81

Sorry, it has been a rough couple months. I have dreaded to see the aftermath of the 8 years of failure that was the Bush administration. I never thought this would be it. I thought Americans would wise up. Instead, I am starting to miss Bush! :ohno: :bang;


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PostTue Mar 30, 2010 11:17 am » by Nickelson

Well after my wife and I did some research on our own on this HCB we found out the insurance companies as well as the pharmaceutical industries had drove up their prices more then a year ago for a total sum of 8 billion dollars.

The promise the IC's and the PI's must make to the US government to get this bill approved and out there was they, should lower their prices at 7 billion dollars, which means they still are making 1 billion dollars more profit then before. Besides that fact 13 million people still aren't allowed the HCB, because they don't pass the protocol to get accepted.

The whole reason I bring this out here, is because it gives me bad taste in my mouth.

Some advantages:
The HCB should be taking care off the US citizens (wont call it USsies anymore, because some have me mistaken on that word) Every citizen should pay, maybe 200 dollars a month to get himself insured, which means when you pay a visit to the Intensive Care for a cut you won't get a bill afterwards. Your insurance company will pay the bill, because you have insurance.

You are free to choose an insurance company which would suit you the best. This means competition between IC's will grow, which could mean they are willing to lower their rates (by pressuring the pharmaceutical company's) or expand their possibilities by choosing.

To have those things summed up it still gives me a bad taste in my mouth.

Of course you'll all need to take care of each other, but at the end you'll pay for all insurances and care yourself. So why are the IC's and the PC's bringing up their prices in the first place. Of course it is a money making machine, but a lot of US citizens simply can't afford HealtCare, because the don't have the money.

So to make my own conclusion on this one, the HCB is needed, but it is also needed to review the standards and the intentions. Who really do benefit from this bill, the IC's and PC's or the citizens?

In a perfect world both parties should benefit of it, including the fat, lazy peeps who doesn't care shit about their own life’s.

If I am not mistaking the HCB has cancelled for now and must be approved and signed all over again, is it not?

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PostSat Apr 03, 2010 4:57 am » by Nytemere

It's not the fact that America is getting "Free healthcare" that scares Americans, it's mainly how it's going to get here, and what company is it bringing. Where is this money being conjured from, what's taking a cut, "I thought America was in debt," and when the bill passes when do I get my free Snickers bar that Obama promised along with this perfect (2,000 pages of fine print.) bill. Weren't doctors leaving other countries to come practice in America?

I guess that really was because we did pay our doctors so well. I remember a quote, I think from Zeitgeist, where he loosely says, "When a doctor asks to remove an organ, I don't know if that organ really needs to be removed, or if he's trying to pay off his new yacht." But anyway, the bill sounds a bit too perfect. (Excluding the fine print.) But who knows, they're politicians, they'd never steer us wrong. ..
“The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.” -Employing Dante's words, Martin Luther King, Jr.


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