Congress - 24th January 1814 - What Were Those Lights?

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During the war against England, on 15th December 1813, lights were observed in the sky above the harbour near Long Point, Connecticut.
It was first thought that the lights were some kind of beacon sent into the sky by the English; But then it was thought that they were some kind of signal from someone alerting the English to the position of American ships.

The lights were said to be airborne for most of the night. Either way, the lights resulted in a congressional hearing that resulted in a motion to seek out and try the perpetrators for treason.

This might have a perfectly prosaic explanation, nevertheless, the source of the lights was never found. And it might be the first case of unexplained lights in the sky being discussed in congress.

Sources - the interweb and J. Vallee and Chris Aubeck. "Wonders in the Sky". 2009.

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