conspiracy theorists=machiavellian? more propaganda !

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PostFri Apr 22, 2011 4:11 am » by Mediasorcerer

anyone read the headline in news section,the article about how studies done suggest conspiracy theorists are more likely to commit conspiracies and are less morally sound than there sheeple counterparts,.

is it not enough we are constantly fed with rubbish and lies in the mainstream media about so called "boogey men" whatever,

now were morally devoid?=the opposite is true,people who have the inner strength to investigate what appears on the surface as reasonable but beneath the surface is questionable,are more morally sound than those who just go along with the propaganda bs pumped into media and public opinions.

this is only the beginning in the propaganda focus of demonising those who are morally sound,by those who are not,i call bullshit on that article.

this is how criminals work,they create false justifications to give themselves excuses to lie cheat and steal.
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