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PostFri Apr 23, 2010 4:16 am » by Harbin

Heard that copy and paste posts are not as valuable as self composed copy. I for one, can and do copy and paste here from time to time on issues that interest me. Occasionally will c/p in a thread of little interest, but will do so if I feel it adds anything to the subject.

Not having taken the time to learn how to compose videos, nor feel myself all that good a composer of the written word, but still wanting to participate in a thread, I will find an article somewhere and c/p it accordingly.

Hopefully, this is not seen as too obnoxious, or detrimental to Dtv in any way.

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PostFri Apr 23, 2010 4:19 am » by whitedeath

I wouldn't worry about it harbin, if you feel thats the best way to express yourself you go for it. Many others do the same c&p and i think the important thing is what information is being brought here instead of in what manner

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PostFri Apr 23, 2010 4:30 am » by Kingz

I for one often use copy paste, since in my opinion... opinions don't matter really that much on a forum. I see it as a extra to comment once in a while... but the basic information is provided by the most people via copy pasting certain articles, which then generate a hopefully relevant debate / discussion about the subject in question..... Unfortuanetly often the mainsubjects are being drowned by all the biggering people do, so many people feel the urge to put out THEIR poin of view on things.... very nice ofcourse sometimes, but I like it when there is just the basic information, which you can interpretate as you want > and go on with it.... research more about it, or move to the next subject of interest..

All these pointless nondiscussions about the stupidist things (in my opinion that is 8-) ) makes no sense...

But hey that's just how I often feel about it... although I agree that we don't have to be robots heeheh :robot:

Anyway my copy paste, and paint skills have gone up since joined here.... but also my reading and patience skills have gone up a bit :ugeek:
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PostFri Apr 23, 2010 4:37 am » by Lowsix

I think thats really just referring to people who may be in an opinion debate, and one side is just answering with other peoples materials. Instead of articulating their own opinion, they just vomit someone elses...

So in that sense, it's just more personal to personally argue about the subject, rather than just replying with news articles or whatever.

Copy paste is how most of us have to do it on the Main intro of a subject or thread..
Nothing wrong with that at all, as long as you source it, and link it and sorta admit, that its not your writing, if it appears it might be..(like a first person piece)

soft and loose rules on this around here man..
As long as its relevant or shares info..CNP away!
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