Corner of the eye phenomena: shadow ghosts

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I have seen "shadow people," and I see them all the time. The difference between my sightings and the common ones are in my experiences the figures move and if I don't move my eyes I can watch their actions.

I do understand the human minds natural affinity towards finding faces and forms based off of patterns, but due to the mobile nature of the visages I perceive, I categorize them as more than just pseudo-hallucination.

They appeared most to me during my phase of trying to invoke demons and spirits, and have since begun to appear less and less. I was extremely negative during this period and these viewings may have been only a reflection of that.

Mostly all I can say about these things is; that I do not know if it is purely psychological, nor do I know if it is spiritual or supernatural in nature. But from what I have felt and seen, they appear to be malevolent yet infuriated by their impotence. Unless acknowledged, they do nothing to people in which I have viewed their vain attempts at malice towards.
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