Corporations Have The Same Rights As People

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PostMon Sep 21, 2009 4:40 am » by Lisakitty

I thought that this topic was important enough to post.

I am hoping that most of you, here on this site, are already aware of this, but for the people, who may not know about this, now you know.
We need to try to change this, so that the corporations, will be for the people again.

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PostMon Sep 21, 2009 4:59 am » by Heinousone

Actually the problem isnt that Corporations have been gaining rights to be similiar to us it is that we have been losing rights to be brought down to the level of Corporations.

Do not ever sign any paperwork that has your name in all Capital letters. That is a Corporation designation and it lowers your personal rights to that of a corporation and that stands in a court of law.

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PostMon Sep 21, 2009 5:48 am » by Crunchy

actually its the same rights as a person .... the legal entity that was created when our parents signed our birth certificates

people and person are two different things especially when it comes to law

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PostMon Sep 21, 2009 9:49 am » by Darrylmckay

Great post Lisakitty, this is increadably important news as it relates to the political process we are all concerned about.

The reason corporations fought so hard for these rights was so they could interfear in the political process and be protected under the free speech rights.
If upheld corporations will now have the right to make political advertorials for whatever canditate they support, they will invest billions in thier chosen candidate.

These laws must not be allowed to stand.
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PostMon Sep 21, 2009 11:56 am » by Hansom

The way I see it is, the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) which is maritime law, was created so that corporations could be subject to the same rules and regulations you and I as human beings are subject to, common law. This was done so that corporations didn't act outside the law. However for this to be possible the employees of said corporation are also made into corporate entities for the purpose of upholding the UCC, because the UCC is the law of contracts and cannot apply to a flesh and blood human being. This was a good idea in principle, but somewhere along the line the status quo changed and the powers that be decided to make everyone a corporate entity, for the purpose of putting you and I into contract with the UCC, why ? power and control.

Almost all laws passed and enforced today are statutory regulations, and can only be given the force of law by the consent of the governed (contract). The common law which is also enforced along side these statutes is the law of the land, and is the law by which you and I conduct ourselves in our daily lives, also the common law is the law that puts into writing our unalienable rights, unalienable meaning you can't take these rights away, the worst thing you can do is not exercise them. Not even the UCC can supersede these rights, however you can be duped into contract and waive your rights, for example if you ever find yourself being summoned into court, do not enter until the judiciary has taken note that you wish to secure and uphold you unalienable rights, it is you lawful right to do so. As long as you conduct yourself within the common law i.e. do not harm or cause loss, and secure your rights then there isn't a court in the land that can (lawfully) prosecute. Your rights are yours forever and it is these rights that all life has, the right to a peaceful existence.
And may god have mercy on the soul of anyone or anything that wishes to deny you your rights.

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PostMon Sep 21, 2009 11:37 pm » by Lisakitty

I had a discussion, with someone today, about this subject, and they weren't on the same page that I was. It just goes to show, how important it is, to do your own research, and keep educating yourself, on a daily basis.

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PostTue Sep 22, 2009 12:29 am » by Captchaos

Somebody thinks this is a copy right issue, Google only will host it and Youtube removed it.
So to save me from uploading this clip not because im lazy but because i have spent enuf' time searching for it on the above mentioned sites, here it is linked..
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PostTue Sep 22, 2009 12:58 am » by Newearthman

Corporations are psychopathic

psychopathic - a disorder characterized by amorality and lack of affect; capable of violent acts without guilt feelings.

personality disorder - inflexible and maladaptive patterns of behavior

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