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PostSun Jan 29, 2012 7:29 pm » by Cosmine

If you think my cops stories were unbelievable just watch me unfold this one!

About four years ago,as i had some company business to do out of town,i wore my best rock star clothing and took the train to the suburbs,i notice the train cops came to hang out in my wagon,two of them.
After a day in that city i came back by the train again,those same cops came hanging in my wagon.
On a stop two girls got in my wagon,one superb black hair,knife cut kinda super model type,and her little chubby blonde friend,both 18ish.
Than two other cops came,an other beefcake and an older one whit gray hair.
One stop before reaching downtown the two girls took off the train,and the cop whit the gray hair told the two first cops,"We gonna take care of the girls,use any amount of force so that he don't get off here too"
That was so strange,that as i presume those girls were students,i spent couple of that station the following day,no traces of them.
So i got to the downtown train station,the office of the train police,it was close,as i walk to the hockey stadium near by i encounter the cop whit gray hair (he works in civilian clothing.)
Why is the police office close?
I don't know nothing about that.
Aren't you the cop on the train?
You are confusing me whit someone else.
After that i got out and met a lady cop on the sidewalk.
I ask her to call the station and inform them that i think that the train policemen abducted two girls.
She call the station,as she had an ear plug earphone i didn't ear the answer,but she told me "i can't help you,sorry!"
Then i told her "Tell the station i want to speak whit agent Claudine C.,and got home to take my car,A souped up vintage oldsmobile.
I did three police stations,all of them were having their doors closed and the light off,in one of them i saw thru the glass door a cop hiding behind his desk.
Finally i came along side a police cruiser,agent Claudine C. was inside.she saw me and open the cruiser light and took off at high speed.
I said to myself,what wrong whit them fck!

The day after that i go to the secret services building in a poor montreal's area just west of down town,the front of that building is an office for the canadian marine,i walked in an ask the the military lady who was at the desk,(she was the only person i ever met whom seem to wear a mask,there were something really weir about it.) I like to speak to the secret services please.
There are no secret services here we are the marine.
Why do you think this building is like a mile long whit out any single window except for that front in which were standing.
Sorry i can't help you,she said.

Then i got to one of the cams in the back,and scream at it 'Lucifer told me he's gonna blow the sun up if you don't obey me and release those girls...fcken idiots."
Then i walked back to the front and in the last story window(tinted) i could see the outlines of
A tall slender girl and a shorter chubby girl waving their hands at me,Whit a outline of a big tall man beside them.
i though "They're ok now."

A couples of day later as a belzebub incarnation was attempting at my life whit is minions (real persons.) I got to his place gave him shit and put an ice pick thru is door,as he was hiding like the chihuahuas they are.(And yes you got it i'm a real life Winchester brother.)
He called the police Whom arrested me for murder attempt (i was later found not guilty)

Here i skip a little bit of extra weirdness so i can finish this story.
So they took me to central headquarter,during that i was in cell i can hear a girl voice yelling and crying "why do i a'm here,i did nothing,let me speak to my parents,they haven't hear from me in day,they must be worry sick,ect,)
Then a few hour later i hear a lot of noise in the station like combat but no gun shot,not sure if i had hear also a load feminine voice giving the cops shit.
Then the cops put me in another cell by the front door for me to be transfer to the jail.
That black hair girl came by whit her parents (i presume.) and a couples of cops.
The mother address me."You're a hero,thank you so much,will never forget you."
As i'm a man of a few words i didn't answer her and kept sleeping on the bench.
I had other cats to whip! (inside my head "mother" told me there's been a felinoid attack on the station.)


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PostMon Jan 30, 2012 3:53 am » by Newearthman

Do you ever meet other humans that are on your side? It seems as tho you are discribing a hidden war of sorts. Who are your allies?

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PostMon Jan 30, 2012 4:51 am » by Cosmine

newearthman wrote:Do you ever meet other humans that are on your side? It seems as tho you are discribing a hidden war of sorts. Who are your allies?

Mother told me that montreal is the capital of demons,and not believe demons when they say they got the whole earth and that i'm the last man standing but living here give me that impression.
Some times someone tell me something like don't stop or your our hero but if i ask them...What? As they to are under mind control,they answer exactly like the ones whom say weird stuff "what are you talking about?"

That belzebub use a short wave television network antenna called look on the roof of his building and a collection of phone books from all over north america as magic talismants to exert is my control.
You know what weird about look almost no one is their customer,everyone uses bell or videotron to catch the tv and their still in business since twenty years.

Some peoples from out of town seem still normal.

I had already stopped their invasion,(thats a couples of other stories.) but we have to wait for their "batteries" to run empty,they grow weaker by the day.
Before they had enough control to use peoples to try to kill me,then just crack heads attempted at my life,then since two years nothing especial boring.

The latest news (if there true.) is that the demons are now blind (the shift is starting,they are slowly left behind.)

All of my friends are possess too,but since couples of months there not spewing menaces against me anymore.

My only "real" friend is my sister,telling me stuff like don't worry,let's make fun out of it.
Or just wait something marvelous is gonna take place soon.
But what is soon for a being that's four billions years old?

Cheers buddy thank's for paying attention to my crazy talk.


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PostTue Jan 31, 2012 12:35 am » by Naranja

This is amazing! Its all new to me, ive never heard of archons before, gonna take a deeper look :look:

Thanks for sharing your experiences :cheers:

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PostTue Feb 14, 2012 2:29 am » by Cosmine

Did i told you about demons becoming blind...yes
There now becoming mute..."my" birthday gift

This morning when i woke up,i couldn't ear them welcoming me to a new day whit their usual insults
Instead when i asked myself "are they gone for breakfast or what" a male voice said
"they called us mickey's one time too much!"
It was one of their favorite sentences (they speak like recorders,always the same thing words for word,even outload while they used human as speakers)
"we're not afraid of hell they're just a bunch of mickey's"

So it seems phase two of "our" plan is on it's way

Expect "illuminaties" to be out of control,on their own,whit out orders to follow.
If only they shout themselves in the foot real good! :twisted:

If you want some more details concerning some post i made don't be shy...i don't bite hard!

When i said i'm a real Winchester brother,i should have added that i don't kill nor torture anyone...but sometimes i wish... :twisted:


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PostTue Feb 21, 2012 1:51 am » by Cosmine


THE LUCIFER WORSHIPThe existence of Lucifer worship has been at least revealed... in 1895 by Diana Vaughan. Too often, people are confusing SATAN and LUCIFER. It seems a great error because these two worships are really different. It is to regret that LUCIFER image is mixed to sex, crimes and raving of poor fools and that Christians are pretented that Luciferians are sons of Satan.


Luciferism is distinguished clearly from the Satanism because it is a complete and real religion and not the with-wrong way of Christianity, as Satanism is.
Luciferism is a particular worship:
ADONAI, the God of the Jews and the Christians that we call the Good God, is according the Luciferians, the bad Old GOD, violent, hostile to progress, irritated against human scientific efforts, wanting to maintain eternally slaves these men who try always to emancipate themselves in order to escape to him.

LUCIFER, that ADONAI wanted to make him out to be, is on the contrary the Good God! Human, crying for the world, Lucifer appears as the major pivot for:
- the universal evolution,
- the personal dashes,
- the coadjurator of the self-esteems,
- the true and pitifull god.

It seems that Promethee was sent by him.
The magi of all times are his followers, the revolutionary scientitsts his saints.
Lucifer counts as Messiahs all those who were opposed to the christian idea of renouncement. And so, he does not require the immolation of the man impassioned and instinctive to a severe divinity in order to obtain the sky by purification.

According Albert Pike , reformer of this antic worship, Christ who began by being the pupil of Lucifer, ends up becoming the man of ADONAI and so, he deserved the punishment of the cross.

For the Christian Church, this unforeseen Gospel of Albert Pike is sacrilege.

But Albert Pike (1809-1891) was not a fool or a criminal: he was lawyer, soldier, and author, and one of the most remarkable figures in American history, born in Boston. He studied at Harvard, and later served as a Brigadier-General in the Confederate Army. He met President Andrew Johnson on April 22, 1866, at the White House. He was also a poet, philosopher, frontiersman, soldier, humanitarian and philanthropist.


This Gospel re-examined by Albert Pike divides the existence of Christ into two periods:

During the first one, Christ is sent by the Good God that-is-to say Lucifer. Christ's doctrine is classified as rational and natural.
Christ's second period is reserved to exaltation, mystical behaviour, nearly as a monk:
- he orders to forgive all things,
- he asserts he is the Son of God and equal to him,
- the event of the fig tree...

Albert Pike wrote: "If Lucifer was not God, Would Adonay (the Christian God) whose deed. Y prove his cruelty, perfidy, and hatred o man, barbarism and repulsion for science, would Adonay and his priests, calumniate him."

Always according Albert Pike, Christ should have signed a pact with ADONAI on the Thabord. Over there, Christ should have been intoxicated with a vain desire of deification which made him unreasonable and unhuman. From this moment Lucifer forgave him and in return of his apostasy, he made inflicted by the crowd the torture reserved to the thieves.

By this example, we touched the core of Luciferism. On the contrary of Ernest Renan who recognized that ambition passed through Christ's mind, Albert Pike don't admit the idea of sacrifice. He does not understand the beauty of death which seals with blood the new doctrine, transmitting it less corruptible to new generations.

Albert Pike invents a weakness of Christ for explaining his death and making it right.


Despite its antic tradition, this worship is very modern: closed to the ideas of chastity, self-sacrifice, miracle, faith into another world pure and precise.

Luciferism becomes attached to material progress and its glorification, freedom and science.

We can compare Luciferism to a very enlightened and religious positivism because it adapts to hyperphysics.

It restores the chain between the livings and the deads. It uses the psychic forces. It probes and uses magnetism and spiritism for immediate and practical benefit.

And so, Luciferism is a subtle worship but at least some kind of materialism nonetheless. Indeed, the phenomenom tools, the glamour and mystical vocabulary are symbolic and human.


The catholic bishop Meurin who wrote "The Freemasonry, church of Satan" criticized several kinds of religions and groups that glorify Lucifer.

For those who can read and understand "The book of the light" of the Chief Rabbi Ben Jochai, as for the Bishop Constant who left catholicism for entering the world of occultism, there are 2 Gods: the God of Light and the God of Shadow

The God of Shadow, ADONAI, is the God of the Bishops, the image of a God who seems very much to people who acknowledge him, the God of all passed religions, jealous and angry. In front of him, people have to bow as in front of authority.

The other God who known only by wise men and sages, is the white God, Lucifer.


Since centuries, ADONAI is used to be represented old, terrible and jealous, wearing long bear and hair.

On the contrary, LUCIFER is used to be represented young holding a torch and a horn of plenty. He is used to trample a crocodile underfoot which wears the crown of kings and the tiara of popes.
The allegory is clear: Lucifer represents human intelligence which tramples superstition and subjection to churches and kings.

Another representation shows him as the antic God Pan, more sensual and less glorious than the previous one.

On the contrary of ADONAI, Lucifer changes of physical representation according the particular church or group who adore him. Two famous altars of Lucifer are located in Charleston and Paris.

The most stable seems the one in Charleston. "Apadno" is their sacred book where Lucifer is represented with a big bow marked with the seal "666".


Somehow or other, Lucifer remains a practical God, a God utilitarian and brainwork who stays near humans dividing their humanity.
He represents the human intelligence who does not need a God or a King for progressing...
It is why a lot of groups and distinguished associations adore him in secret. This adoration allows them to recognize each others among a world full of superstitions and ignorance.

Other comments about Lucifer and devilries are incredible stupid.
Copyright © 2009 | Home | Privacy Policy | Gifs Gallery | Dracula TV - The Occult Channel |

I want to present to you a vision of what luciferianism is,i do not share this vision personally.
To me Lucifer never fell,"He's" an angel,a special angel,one able to be cruel,but not wicked.
As his "job" is chief warden of hell.
Lucifer/Hades is very bone headed and inflexible,"The law is the law is the law!"
But his "wife"Wear the home! And hold him back...sometime. :twisted:


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PostTue Feb 21, 2012 2:09 am » by Newearthman

:cheers: :)

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PostTue Feb 21, 2012 2:40 am » by Cosmine

As this seem appropriate :roll: :twisted:

© Destiny Robinson
Deep breaths and pain inside,
Hard to tell the truth when there's so many lies!

Whispers of secrets in my ear,
Hoping that no one could hear.
And I'm crying actual tears.
I feel hurt, pressured and strained.
Everybody cant feel my type of pain.
And this might really sound lame.
But life aint nothing but a game.

Do you feel what I feel NO!
I wish I could let it all go.
But it really aint that easy.
Have you ever had to sit in the cold freezing.
Wanting to be awaken by a special healing.
Just let pain go freely.
Too bad nothing in this world is free.
Not even your freedom of speech.
So ill do like Martin Luther King.
Imma let freedom ring.
PEACE! ... but-a-game

Dark but still shinning! :sunny:


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PostFri Mar 09, 2012 4:04 pm » by Cosmine

Tonight and this morning archons said strange things.
They started whit "we gonna flee,you can't stop us."
Than "we tried to leave and we can't."
Than "please we beg your pardon."
Than "we promess everything gonna change."
"We understood our mistake,let us stay,peoples gonna be happy from now on,we're gonna get use to other taste."

Than i asked Lucifer whats going on,"he"usually don't andwer me,but after a few seconds he told me."Fck em,theyre gonna be our food now."

I guess you could expect some positive news in the weeks to of change!

Even in a dream i add this morning only one tried to kill me and disapeared in a hole of mud,i checked in the hole thinking the guy's gonna drawn all i founded was a plastic cylinder, others on the spot said "He's gone to hell."
All others were doing their best to make friend whit me.


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PostFri Mar 09, 2012 5:48 pm » by Earthspirit7

Cosmine sorry to read that you are going thru this with the Archons.
I've read where it is hell having these parasites that live off negative energy.
I am sure you have probably read quite a bit about the Archons, but maybe
not from this person Robert Stanley:

It is time to expose the covert controllers of mankind. I assure you this is not speculation, a hoax, or the figment of people’s imagination. These parasitic creatures are real and they need to be dealt with immediately so mankind can evolve to the next level of existence ... hons18.htm
You can also hear me discuss this topic with George Noory on Coast to Coast
And, you can watch me discuss this topic with Alfred Webre on Exopolitics TV

He has since retired from this subject cause nobody was listening to him
about either UFOs nor the Archons.

Here is a bit of history on Archons:
The Controllers Agenda ... en_18c.htm

The Archons ... rchons.htm

Hoping this might be helpful for you :flop:
It's time to learn this mantra/prayer/protective chant. Learn it well because you may need it in the near future to keep evil away from you and those you have taught this to.

It may also help you meet the higher beings and according to J.J. Hurtak, it bridges us to other dimensions... among other things.

I was taught this mantra by a Rabbi in New York City. It protected me from a vampire, from the remote viewing group, who would have killed me if I hadn't known this mantra.

I was taught to repeat the Kadoish three times and then the Adonai Tsebayoth... then do it all over again until you are out of danger.

But always do it twice to clear the energy around you.

Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish,

Adonai 'Tsebayoth

Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish,

Adonai 'Tsebayoth

Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai Tsebayoth
from the book Keys of Enoch:

1. Clears all the fields in the body and bridges us to all other dimensions.

2. This mantra activates the holy grids in our bodies.

3. It is a bridge from 3D to all other dimensions

4. Immersed in the chant, we become One Heart.

Here is a video made by someone who read The Keys of Enoch where this mantra/prayer is mentioned. ... ead=219036

Wishing only the best for you...God Bless :pray:

PS I didn't read this whole thread so excuse me if I am duplicating anything :think:
First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, and then you win. ~ Gandhi.. {“Change your mind and your butt will follow.” ■handing you proof on a silver platter is not a viable option}


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