Crime' of Dancing

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PostThu Jun 02, 2011 2:23 pm » by Acee22

Police Brutality for the 'Crime' of Dancing - How Much More Are You Going To Take America?"

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PostThu Jun 02, 2011 3:42 pm » by Chronicnerd

Oh... they *just* crossed my line... excuse me folks and moderators here at but


They are sticking their little Tax Payer *PAID* grubby hands into shit they have *NO FUCKING CLUE* how much of a slap in the face this is...

Sing Praise to God at your Graduation: ... n-program/

*You will be arrested*

Evidently as well: dance at the Jefferson Memorial in a loving or happy way

*You will be arrested*

However, if you want to bash the family of a recently deceased soldier who lost his/her life for our them names...say you are happy their son/daughter is dead...say that God hates America...and an assortment of other rude and hateful things (as long as... you only affects American families which happen to also be predominantly Christian)

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Oh... well that is ok... go right ahead....not only that...our U.S. Supreme court evidently is full of Atheists or members of Christian hating organizations/religions...because the U.S. Supreme court ruled that heckling the family of a lost son or daughter while serving the United States of America is just PEACHY-FUCKING-KING to them!

Oh... and hey... if you are a Muslim... don't worry about it... come on down to the CAPITOL and pray all you want...

Upload to

I am sorry for my is not very Christian of me...
However... these people...the ones making these "seemingly nutty" decisions...all backed by the "Left"..."Democrats"..."Obama-Machine"... yeah... sorry...I don't care who or what you have done in the past...if you put yourself on that side of the table...with these same people who are "making these rules"...and think it is ok...


The Tea Party members *and* the Right Wing members are 100% against this...

Yeah... but this kind of thing doesn't happen in a heavy Right Wing state right?

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Uh... SHAME on ALL of the Officers who took part in this... and I am sure there are MANY MANY MANY more instances like this.

May God help us all...

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PostThu Jun 02, 2011 3:55 pm » by Slith

Understood Chronic. Frustrating to watch this

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PostSat Jun 04, 2011 9:15 pm » by Chronicnerd

dlslith wrote:Understood Chronic. Frustrating to watch this

Follow up on the High-School Graduation...
It appears Perry and the Texas Attorney General jumped all over the high school students not being able to say prayer at their graduation...

Not that this is the right place (in lieu of my harsh language) to post this...but:

The things I do like about Rick Perry (Governor of Texas and potential Presidential Candidate for 2012):

1.) He has been running Texas for over a decade now (since 2000), and Texas has been rated as #1 in the world for a strong Economy.
(from a left wing news site no less)

2.) He does not believe in state income tax

3.) He believes in the constitution -- 100%

4.) While he is Christian, he believes that as long as you are not harming others that you have the right to believe in any religion and practice that religion.

I am glad that he stood up to the federal court and set things straight... it turns out that the federal ruling for the high school in Texas that was told they could not pray was led by... are you ready for this...


They didn't want their kid to have to "listen" to the other 99.9% of the kids who actually do, whether right or wrong, happen to believe in God and religion...

Wow... 1 family... and the federal government is *all* over trying to fight for the atheist opposed to taking a few minutes, making a call to the school, and finding out that it was literally... 1 kid... in an entire graduation...that they were "protecting" from people saying "words" that were going to be nothing more than "inspirational" and "hope filled"... not hatred or the like...


So far... if Perry runs... I am thinking my vote is in his camp...

He has run the largest economy in the U.S. very well for over a decade...
(i.e.not only has experience but has proof of results)

He believes in the U.S. constitution... (a big one for me at least)

He is Christian...but thinks everyone has a right to their opinion (i.e. believes in the US constitution)...

Anyway... at least the kids at the High School won't get arrested on their graduation day for praying to God... *heh*

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PostSat Jun 04, 2011 9:21 pm » by Malogg

Honest History Is The Weapon Of Freedom

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PostSat Jun 04, 2011 9:43 pm » by Malogg

Honest History Is The Weapon Of Freedom

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