'Criminals now rule the streets', claims police

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Rizze wrote:When i was younger many years ago, giving barefaced cheek as they used to say, would result in getting a smacked arse, being disrespectful to the police would get you punched or maybe taken to the city bridewell, and await a parent to pick you up.

You then got a leathering when you got home, you could not backchat to your school teacher too, otherwise you would get punished by a few strokes of the cane Image

good old corporal punishment.

I learned the lessons very quickly in life, and stuck to it, never did me any harm nor did i have mental issues with this.
The kids these days are pussies, respect comes from just a minority of them.
A little bit of discipline is all that's needed to put our future generations back on track imo.

Some 49 per cent of mothers and fathers are in favour of corporal punishment to crack down on the worst offenders, it was revealed.

Bring back the cane to improve pupil discipline

The vast majority of parents also want greater use of other back-to-basics discipline measures including detention, expulsion and forcing badly behaved children to write lines.

Even a fifth of secondary school pupils themselves support the reintroduction of caning or smacking.

The disclosure comes amid claims from Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, that “adult authority” has been eroded in too many schools.

Couldn't agree more.

A one year national service stint wouldn't go amiss either.

''The Fear of Losing is the Biggest Winner''


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