Croatian Students Occupy College Over End Of Free Education

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PostSat May 09, 2009 7:18 pm » by Drjones

C'mon people WE can do this.... :flop:

'We demand the elimination of all types of fees that have been introduced in higher education at all levels: undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate. The taxes we pay must provide a sufficient guarantee for basic rights and acquired institutions of social justice and equality. Anyone who claims that this is not possible within the existing fiscal framework is only confirming the acute reality of the need that the policy which has set up that framework be fundamentally redesigned.

We ask all students and professors to support us, and we extend that plea to all other citizens as well because universal education available to all is not only in the interest of students but is of significance for the future of the entire society.

We will not agree to the auctioning of rights – equality is not for sale!'

D-A-M-N right :yell:

The students are asking for messages of support and this is the one delivered to them from David Icke ...

I want to pledge my support and say thanks for the stand you have taken to defend basic human rights from the gathering jackboot of global dictatorship. You are so right that what you are protesting against is happening all over the world and there is a reason for this – the global spider’s web of secret societies and connected organisations that are imposing an Orwellian fascist agenda upon the world.

In the UK today, university and college students are ending their education with debts of tens of thousands of pounds because of money they have had to borrow from the banking system to pay for their studies. This is exactly what the system wants because it allows young people to be controlled through debt from the earliest age and to be forced to serve the system to earn the money to pay it back.

Those from rich families don’t have that problem, of course, because their parents pay. But the rest are forced into debt to the banks, those cesspits of corruption and manipulation.
The world needs more people like you – billions of them – who have the courage and commitment to justice to say ‘ENOUGH’, we will not accept the rule of the bureaucratic dictatorship any longer.

Congratulations to everyone involved and I wish you every success.

"The world needs more people like you....BILLIONS OF THEM"(Well said)...c'mon people,the road aint all that difficult... :hugging:

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