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No one will argue that this crop circle is the work of humans. It is quite impressive in the accuracy of the form of the letters and the perfection of the curved lines. However, Janet Ossebard, who visited and overflew the formation has determined that what you are seeing is a highly photoshopped image. The curved lines were not even present in the actual formation, and the form of the letters was obviously perfected using photoshop. People CANNOT conclude that formations as presented in the final image that were posted on the Crop Circle Connector are genuine. Ground shots usually provide the proof of authenticity, but there were no ground shots because this formation was cut out by the farmer only hours after completion. This formation was made by the best circlemaking team in England--Team circlemakers from London, ( formerly Team Satan). It took them from 9 PM to 6 AM the following morning. Full story here:

" My conclusion is the following: Team Satan, regarded to be the best and most professional hoaxers in the world, produced a Hopeless Hoax here. The end result was so poor that the farmer destroyed it immediately after some aerial pictures had been taken. These pictures were then severely tempered with by means of Photoshop (first quite bluntly and later on more subtly); they were stretched, altered, enhanced, reshaped and adjusted until they finally showed a decent result. This is how the people knowingly and purposefully were mislead into the belief that man can actually make these wonderful designs in the fields. Dearest readers, please do not be fooled! Keep a critical mind and perform your own research. Someone posted the following comment on Facebook: "If people can actually make this, then all crop circles can be made by people". This is exactly what they want us to believe. Do not be fooled... I watched Team Satan back in 1998 as they made the Mitsubishi add in the East Field at Alton Barnes, in broad daylight and with the farmer's permission, it took them two days to do it! The result was not impressive and the team work was utterly poor. Hopeless hoaxes, that is all they are capable of...

Many thanks to Team Satan for delivering such poor quality of work (even in their pictures) thus enabling us to expose them once again...


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hell we knew man was making crop circles for years but they dont make all of them. this one for example u can easily tell its man made by how shitty looking it looks. like all around the diamond looking thing how its folded over and shit the more technical looking ones are much more cleaner and precised and look 10X more complex and another thing is with man made ones they grass or whatever and just bent over padded down from where they pressed down on the wood the other ones are all cut at the same angle and alot more other shit. but yeah man made hlf if not majority but they are some that they didn't

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