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I have referenced the historical nature of the crop circle phenomenon in many of my previous posts. Here are two essays by Jack Sullivan regarding Professor Robert Plot's writings about the crop circles in his book The Natural History of Staffordshire, 1686. (I think Jack incorrectly calls it "The Natural History of Shropshire").

A few excerpts:

Investigation into the phenomenon of Crop Formations by Professor Robert Plot LLD. Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum and Professor of Chemistry in the University of Oxford.. Born 13th December 1640 Died 30th April 1696.

He is the true, yet unacknowledged .’Father of Scientific Research’ into crop formations. It is noteworthy that Wikipedia has a brief biography covering his many activities and accomplishments but it carefully omits any reference to his important investigation of ‘Fairy Circles ‘ as described below. This work came to light in the late 1980s but it has been deliberately sidelined by skeptics and debunkers. Their reasons are obvious.

In contrast with modern times, Plot and his fellow academics appear to have taken a very active scientific interest in the phenomenon. . What a contrast to the attitude of most of our modern academic fraternity.

Note from Brewer’s “Dictionary of Phrase and Fable” published 1880.

Matthew Hopkins of Manningtree, Essex the ‘Witch- Finder’ of the associated counties of Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Huntingdonshire, hanged sixty reputed witches in one year in Essex alone. Dr.Z.Grey, Contempory 1880, said that between three and four thousand persons suffered death for witchcraft between 1643 and 1661.

How many I wonder, were accused of making crop formations?

It is hard to think that there would not have been other contemporary witnesses writing too. This seems to call for more research into documents of that time, but in the meantime Professor Plot has handed down a very valuable revelation. The Crop Circles are not a purely modern phenomenon, they were commonly seen 300 years ago and perhaps 300 years or more before then. Perhaps they have arrived in regular cycles for centuries, maybe the ‘Circle Makers’ have been testing us out from time to time, patiently waiting for us to wake up and respond intelligently to their attempt to communicate. a mind boggling thought. Are we responding intelligently now and if not; what will happen when we do?

Full articles here: ... 2012x.html ... 2012y.html

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Good post..that has always been the clincher for me..there are paintings dating back then depicting fling orbs..(As well as orbs during the WWs seen by both sides)and the oddity of crop circles dating back could be just people stamping messages in the corn to their gods..or ??? I suppose even the professors back then could have been a little odd too..I believe they are et inspired myself...
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While i'm putting together a collection of photos of crop formations in fields with no tram lines, I thought Iwanci, among others, might take some time to review these essays by Jack Sullivan

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