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crouching tiger hidden...monkey :lol: ... onkey.html

Savage ... monkey attacks trainer karate style

Monkey business ... turncoat pulls trainers hair

Revenge ... cheeky fighter attacks owner with stick

THIS Chinese monkey trainer was floored when a group of his apprentices turned on him in a vicious revenge attack.

Entertainer Lo Wung, 42, taught the group of monkeys some basic taekwondo moves to entertain shopping centre crowds.

But when Wung took a tumble one of his pack turned and decked him with a kung-fu kick to the head.

The turncoat gang then swarmed all over their master —
with one even grabbing his stick and cracking him over the head with it.

Hu Luang, 32, who snapped the pictures in Nshi, in eastern China's Hubei province, said:
"I saw one punch him in the eye - he grabbed another by the ear and it responded by grabbing his nose.

"They were leaping and jumping all over the place - it was better than a Bruce Lee film."

Wung only managed to get the monkeys under control by tangling them up in the rope that had been used to stop them running off.

Mr Luang said: "He was really furious, he made the monkeys kneel on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs to punish them and make them show remorse for their nasty attack. ... onkey.html :lol:

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