Cumbria UK UFO activity on the rise

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UFO activity over Cumbria is said to be hotting up once again with reports of strange lights and mysterious objects in the sky over the county’s coastline

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A research organisation into UFOs believes the recent mysterious lights could be a warning that an earthquake is about to hit the region.

Helen Dunion, of Flimby, spotted two strange orange lights moving rapidly over the village on Tuesday night.

She said: “They looked as if they were going in the Maryport direction.”

Many unexplained lights in the sky are thought to be Chinese lanterns.

But Mrs Dunion added: “I would say that they moved too fast and it seemed as if they were only two to three seconds apart.

“I thought that I was imagining it with the first light but then I saw the second one.”

Maryport resident Jeff Bell also spotted lights and a round object “like a Smartie” out at sea near Maryport on the evening of September 7.

He said: “The first thing I saw was a reddish light in the sky.

“I saw a solid-looking spherical object which was a graphite colour with no lighting at all.

“The object moved quite quickly at first across the sky. I was surprised when it passed below the visible line of the windfarm and seemed to carry on down until it landed in the water,” added Mr Bell.

He said it remained there for more than 30 minutes until it grew too dark to see.

Mr Bell added: “I would have been inclined to think I had imagined the whole thing but for coming across a couple walking their dogs on the promenade who confirmed that they also experienced the same thing.”

North West UFO Research (NWUR) claims it was inundated with an unusually high volume of UFO reports in Cumbria during early 2009.

Last April, a 3.7 magnitude tremor struck the county with its centre in Ulverston.

Pat Regan, who is the Lancashire-based founder of the NWUR, said: “Not wishing to create any alarm, but the last time Cumbria had many UFO sightings we later had an earthquake in the region.

“One theory posed by experts is that such phenomena occur when rock structures under great stress release gas.

“At such times electromagnetic waves with radioactive gasses escape and ionise the air, which in turn create odd lights.

“The truth of the matter is that we currently do not know precisely what is happening.”
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