Cybertheft: Stealing Property Now and Souls Later?

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A brief intro:

Cybertheft: Stealing Property Now and Souls Later?
16 August, 2011
by treburn

I always wondered about the prophecies throughout the Bible, and when taken literally, they invoke a fantastic, albeit grim, potential future for everyone on the face of this planet…and those in orbit.

We believe that people that are conceived through the natural order of things – male and female human only DNA, are eternal beings, given an earth-suit to interface with this dimension and level of vibration, live life, and hopefully choose to forever be with the creator of this existence.

It sounds esoteric and whacky I know, however, as ‘scientists’ continue to push the envelope of what is morally right and wrong (according to the Word of God), and ethical behavior gets more and more relative to the individual and/or situation, we see that ‘line drawn in the sand’ more clearly. At that point there are only two choices…ale or lager. ;)

Just kidding, but seriously, an eternal residence is what EVERYONE will receive…

“It’s just gonna depend on how ‘hot’ or ‘cool’ ya’ like things to be, ” treburn interrupted.

Heh, thanks treburn, but back to the main thought – cybercrime, theft in particular.

We know that hackers are out there stealing things, money, information, and we could justifiably get upset.

However, what if some of this information was incriminating to America, allies or to those individuals ‘in power’?

Aha! Would they(we) muster up the courage and admit to the guilt, and take the punishment or deny it vehemently, to the tune of the age-old ‘blame-game’ promoted by Adam and Eve at the beginning of time?
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