Damn! no kidnapped Voyager 2 after all

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PostMon May 31, 2010 4:56 pm » by Nickelson

drextin wrote:Let's say an alien craft was just passing through. They run into the probe. They see its transmitting a signal to somewhere. They then try to use that signal to contact who ever is on the other end. You can't take for granted that every species in the universe knows we are here. Or that they wouldn't be afraid of us because they have better technology. The wise move is to always initiate contact from a distance.

Hell for all we know they have ran across others who were more primitive than us but possessed the ability to control minds. They know that lesser technology does not mean a cakewalk.

We could have been visited by one race for thousands maybe millions of years. Their technology could be what we use secretly that is responsible for 99% of legitimate ufo sightings. So you can't take take it for granted that just because one was here that all are too.

Well in this case every plausible sounding theory could be true, but I cannot understand why ET would use an alien machine to contact an alien life form.

That's just like we come across an alien vessel in space, we would catch it and use that to make contact with what ever we don't know. Could be, but why are we using all these communication methods to contact ET, ET would have the same possibility I guess.

But hey I must run off now. Let’s just wait and see what tomorrow will bring.

Just stay on Earth in the meantime and enjoy our beautiful planet which is filled with crap people........

Laters :flop:

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PostMon May 31, 2010 4:56 pm » by Cornbread714

Damn, it just occurred to me there might be thousands, if not millions of these "message in a bottle" probes floating around the universe and if ours landed in some distant solar system it might scare the shit out of the natives there, just like it would here, and it would probably be hushed up.
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PostMon May 31, 2010 5:16 pm » by Drextin

Or they could become corrupted by Chuck Berry if they figure out how to play the record.
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