DARPA Wants Portable Brain Recorders In schools.

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Information from below link:

http://www.activistpost.com/2013/08/dar ... rs-in.html

When DARPA issues a solicitation, they are looking for researchers who can develop the particular ability the solicitation calls for. Researchers respond with their ideas, and DARPA awards funding to the most promising proposals. A very creepy solicitation (SB131-002) has now been released, which calls for a “Portable Brain Recording Device & App”. The thing is, this technology is already affordable, if you like that kind of thing, but DARPA wants it to be real easy to get, so it’s gotta be around $30. They need someone who can make it smaller and cheaper, because, according to the solicitation, they want “to promote use by a wide audience”, including children.

“Having EEGs in every classroom in America”, say DARPA, would allow teachers to devise lesson plans using the devices to help children learn about the biology of “the brain and sensory systems”, by using these brain-to-computer interfaces (BCIs):

“Students could record their own brain activity and download the data to their iPad.”

The Agency also claims the devices could be worn by “average citizens”, which would crowd-source huge amounts of EEG data that could be analysed to advance the understanding of neuroscience.

It sounds like a good way to make every child conform to the system. :vomit:
No illegal thought processes here! :ghost:


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Full story at link below:

http://www.activistpost.com/2013/08/dar ... rs-in.html
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