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PostSun Aug 22, 2010 2:30 pm » by Eliakim

A few days ago, Abba spoke of collaboration and today is the 'Day of Experience'. Now is the time to collaborate with others on projects. Pool resources, experiences and skills and knowledge. Working together for the benefit of all.

As we know it is also a noble cause if what you do, you do for the benefit of humanity. The Christ calls it ERGON and ergon is a Greek term.

Do your hearts beat as one? Do you know someone that would collaborate with you? Would they be willing to share to benefit you both and make it happen?

Its time to come together for a common cause and those that you resonate with in more ways than one.

Together we can help humanity to overcome. Hand in hand, side by side in the front line.

Choose your partners wisely......


Teams beat the odds....

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