De-conditioning: Possibility or Myth?

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PostSun Jun 30, 2013 12:15 am » by SolStone

Red is the color often associated with the survival chakra, and in most esoteric traditions (that I'm educated in) is also associated with 'passion'. Personally I don't mind these associations, as I would associate the survival chakra and color with instinct.

Note: This is not in response to Toxic32's thread on instinct, but the thought-line was inspired by reading said poster's thread. To appreciate Toxic32's thread you may click on the following link:

In most esoteric traditions I'm educated in, the survival chakra (or one's instinct according to my opinion) is also the most oppressed by societies, and repressed by their peoples. Authority has its place, I do not argue this whatsoever - but to what degree has external control conditioned our minds exactly? How can one truly trust themselves (know themselves) if we are conditioned on all sides to repress our initial instincts? To entrust others with our best interests and capacities to discern (applicable wisdom) in our given situations what is and is not in those interests?

Please feel free to answer these questions should you feel inspired to do so. I would like to end this post on a more useful note: For those who have developed methods (internal/external) for de-conditioning your minds, learning to activate your survival chakras and maintain a healthy trust/love with one's instincts and foundational passions, please feel free to share. In this manner others may benefit from your personal work (internal/external) and learn to trust themselves before the opinions of others.

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PostSun Jun 30, 2013 12:31 am » by Seriouscitizen

understanding conditioning, will lead to recognition of patterns. To uncover your blind spots we need experiences that un-filter us; and renewed conditions. IMO those conditions should be as close to nature as possible, since nature is the most complex, consistent phenomenon that can be simulated.


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PostSun Jun 30, 2013 8:13 am » by mediasorcery

i believe in intellectual flexibility, that way one doesnt have to bog oneself down in only one or two ways of interpreting information and knowledge,

red is associated with physical energy/reproductive/action.

Maybe using all the cakras in harmony is more effective to intuit things rather than just using one, making a more balanced perception.
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