Dead Alien Body video, evidence or hoax?

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PostTue Jan 06, 2009 12:14 pm » by Drjak

ha the Dr reed videos a lot of people say its fake. there is a web site UFO watchdog that have claimed too have proved this to be a hoax. but i have looked through there evidence and it just doesn't prove its a fake. please check the web site your self and you tell me if you believe it or not the site is they claimed too be the only ones to unearth it as a hoax. but i believe the evidence is far too compelling. :flop: :flop:

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PostTue Jan 06, 2009 12:48 pm » by Wisemonk

yup know all about ufowatchdog and tbo they do seem to be busy smearing than getting on with the fact's but theres one thing, you cant get around that wedding shot took in 1997 when he's meant to be on the run from the gov.

Saying that he might of been passing through while he was on the run, then he remembered "oh that weddings on today think I'll stop over see what the buffet's like, get in on a few wedding photo's then I'll have to be off before the pesky DARK SIDE catch up with me" :nails:
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PostTue Jan 13, 2009 2:18 pm » by Debris765nju

Reed/Rutter has produced a preponderance of evidence that the encounter was real. That is not to say the entity was real, he stated that it was much lighter than expected and that he reached his vehicle faster than he thought possible. This does not mean that Reed created the entity, he was taken in by it and provided transportation and shelter for an "alien" hoax. Meaning that E.T. created the golem.....kind of hard to keep something that can dissolve at will a prisoner. My question to you is why do you argue so vehemently against the evidence he has produced? I personally think you need to disprove his claims with more than just your opinions. How much serious thought have you given to this issue?

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PostTue Jan 13, 2009 8:47 pm » by Towelie

I dont know anything about this Dr Reed ive just seen that FAKE video, what evidence has he got and where is it - its not another well i had loadsa evidence but the goverment took it crap is it.
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