Death bed promise....

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PostSun May 17, 2009 9:23 pm » by Dmtshaman

:ghost: If one believes that there is no afterlife then this life is utterly meaningless...which it is not. If we want a connection with the aftrelife realm one does not enter it ego first...all ancient and current wisdom teachers all preach the same message to connect to the other...ego loss. This includes all our current cultural programming techniques and opinions that we are blinded by. To contact other spiritual realms one must enter without preconceived notions of what it is...its not as simple as picking up a telephone and speaking. It has to do with inner thinking and inner connection, the contact will come from within... :sunny: will be a inner voice. We can choose to ignore these inner voices and think of them as imagination but imagination is the other realm...its the source of all inner visions and communications. Our belief in this is not necessary for this to exist, its only needed to connect...we can choose not to believe in a divine creator but this does not mean one does not exist, all this means is you choose not to have a connection to this divine if you say there is no afterlife you will have no immediate connection to it or its residences...creating a road block in your mind. The biggest enemy is not the illuminati or the new world order it is ourselves, we are the biggest threat to ourselves, our ego blinds us from truth and inner wisdom. The ego is like a walnut encapsalating our spirit and full potential in this 3 dimensional realm...
So as far as the dead making communication back to this realm, it really has to do with how advance that person was before takes a special spirit full of love to break through into this will attract love spirits...evil will attract evil spirits. My life was once filled with darkness but once the light was shined on me ive never looked back...and things just keep getting more mystical as the days go by, a new path has been unfolding for me and I no longer live a life focused on fear and suffering. Communication to deceased people is a daily routine for long as I keep the spirits alive within me, they guide and help me daily...and YOUR belief in this is not needed for this to exist in MY life...test your inner limits and you will be surprised as to what you can conjour up. :cheers:
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PostSun May 17, 2009 9:39 pm » by Bobbyinedmonton

Wow, Hesop! That gave me chills. Not bad chills, but chills none the less.

dlslith wrote:Interesting Bobbie, very well thought out. The only part I disagree with is the patio at Timmies, never seen one in my area. I really like the train of thought though

Haha... You'll see Tim Horton's soon enough.

cornbread714 wrote:Good post, and I agree with your hypothesis. Also, if you take your analogy back to the microcosm, the light from your friend across the table is also reaching yours eyes after the event happened, even though he is only a few feet away.
When you look at all of reality from this relativistic viewpoint, the question of what "now" is becomes very slippery indeed.

It's funny how I comprehended this on the Astro level, but I didn't think of it's effect right before my eyes.

This thread gives me a very warm feeling about the future. While I realize that there will be anarchy and death in the coming times, I also realize that the very topics we are discussing here today are absolutely groundbreaking. We as collective individuals, many of us without degrees or religious appointments, are here observing, realizing and waking up to the nature of science and spirituality. And I hold strong to my belief that this thinking and awareness will shape 2012 to be the year it will be.

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PostSun May 17, 2009 9:40 pm » by Wwiles

I believe that when we die, the experience is so overwhelmingly different that we lose touch with "reality" as we knew it. The "reality" or plane or whatever you want to call it, is so different that you can't even relate to the physical world that you once lived in. Unless of course you have issues that keep you attached to this plane.(ie dying suddenly/not knowing your dead). :think:
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PostMon May 18, 2009 1:29 am » by Snake Plissken

Wow, thank you everyone for ALL of your posts, you all have some amazing thoughts on this, Hesop your story gave me the chills too, thanks for sharing, thats an incredible story.

Drex: I dont have any religion, but i just cant get away from my gut feeeling that there is some kind of existence after death. Maybe, but that might be wishfull thinking! :wink:

A few other posters have bought up the notion of how energy cannot be destroyed, this makes sense to me, though im not 100% on what i think happens when we die, i did once have a very odd Psychic (she claimed) lady come up to me out of the blue and tell me that i was an old soul (her words!) and that i had but two or three more re-incarnations in this existence to go before i moved on to something new. Very weird, didnt even know her, she just told me this and i never saw her again!

Maybe its just not possible to come back, maybe my Great grandfather really did try every trick in the book to make contact, or maybe there really is nothing after we die. Maybe be its for the better that the dead cant contact the living, i dont know.

I think, just based on instinct, on what i feel, that there is something more, that we continue to do something after we die, i guess i will never truly know until the time comes!!!

Thanks agin to everyone, this post has made some really interesting reading so far. :D
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PostMon May 18, 2009 1:51 am » by Cornbread714

Snake Plissken wrote:
Maybe its just not possible to come back, maybe my Great grandfather really did try every trick in the book to make contact, or maybe there really is nothing after we die. Maybe be its for the better that the dead cant contact the living, i dont know.

Another possibility could be that when a person reaches "the other side" - no matter what promises they made in this world to come back and give a sign - they see that it's better to let us evolve as humans on this plane without giving out all the "answers".
It seems pretty obvious to me that we are not supposed to get the "answer key" so easily...

Taking the test with the answers given to us isn't much of a challenge, is it? But I think we get hints and clues sometimes (since humans tend to be a bit slow). A real education consists of being given some information and being shown how to arrive at our own conclusions.
That's what this existence feels like to me - a school (I can't wait to graduate).
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PostMon May 18, 2009 9:49 am » by Clawspiracy

Perhaps it isn't so much that your grandfather didn't keep his promise. He did. By making that promise, he made you remember him, and here you are asking this question to strangers... What does your gut tell you? Forget about us, what we think.

Maybe the signs were subtle. And I am agreeing with Drex that if he could not "make it back" he went where he was supposed to go...
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PostFri Jun 19, 2009 2:09 am » by Purplehaze65

I really need to tell you two stories and my own personal theories.
Here goes,

After my Grandmother died (I really don't know how long preciesly but that's not so importend to me) I had this dream, I was with my Grandmother and someone I interpreted as Prince Bernhard (a Dutch prince who was once married to queen Juliana).
I am sure since I never knew my biological grandfather I just symbolised the , let's say most recent "monarch"of my family tree that way.
So far the symbology of the dream up to here.
We were at the base of some tower and we climbed it for a while, at a certain point we didn't go any further up but my grandmother said goodbye, ofcourse I didn't want her to leave without me because I was always quite fond of her, but she made it clear to me (without a word being spoken) that I just couldn't come along.
What happened then will stay with me for the rest of my life,, she "sent" to me a feeling of so much love so unconditional and so pure it made it almost easy to let her go without being selfish in any way, so they leave.
Next thing I remember I am at a bus stop where I am supposed to wait until I got picked up, to be brought back to where I came from.
After that I woke up feeling no sadness at all about my grand mother dying because I knew she loved me and had moved on BY CHOICE, but she had to say goodbye and let me know,,no! not Know but FEEL how much she loved me as I am.
Then there is this weird dream, a lot shorter,

I dreamt I was A bird flying around in my neighbourhood, I landed on a brach in some tree in a local park.
From there on I can still fly but was a bird no more.
When I flew away and landed in the park I saw someone I interpreted as being superman, and because I knew I could fly I dared him to fly just like me , him being superman and all.
I flew away and he did not.
Then I woke up.
normaly end of story, but it isn't, not yet.
That same day some 3 hours later I went out to walk my dog in the same park as in the dream.
To my amazement there was this kid playng in a superman outfit (or maybe pajamas).
Is that weird or not?

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PostFri Jun 19, 2009 8:49 am » by Clawspiracy

@ purplehaze65

Not weird, but profound.

I hope that it isn't just silence and eternal sleep. It's a hard concept to bear. It seems to me that more and more this view keeps getting pushed. What does it do for human morale?

Nothing. It says that it gives us scientific proof and freedom, but no hope for a spiritual awakening. It's a sorry existence, empty. Why have such an imagination and creativity as a species if all we can do is lay our heads in a grave in silence?

Give me a universe to play with when I die, and let me help guide it. Being part of it might be fun as long as some intellectual part of this "I" is still there.
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PostFri Jun 19, 2009 9:23 am » by Darrylmckay

I have come to believe that we all live forever (since having children) I have come to relaise that that is how to attain eternal life, part of you lives on long after your dead, my sister has six kids who are now having kids and are all over the world, those people would not have exsisted without her and they and thier children will be here long after she is gone, each child carrys a small part of ourselves into the furture, I do not believe in an after life but I now believe in eternal life.
I will respect your beliefs*, I will research your beliefs, but dont expect me to believe.
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PostMon Jul 06, 2009 4:23 pm » by Preraphaelite

I have pondered the question of life after death ever since I was a small child. When I was young I had many psychic experiences - some which you might describe as being mediumistic - and later went on to attend a spiritualist church where I witnessed some quite compelling "evidence" that we continue to exist after our physical death as sentient beings. However, as I've progressed through adulthood, so my cynicism has grown and I feel far less "in touch" with any psychic or spiritual realms, and question my earlier experiences.

I did have one very powerful experience a few years ago though, which I am at a loss to fully explain (unless there really is life after death!). I was living as a single mum at the time and my young daughter had been staying at her grandmother's overnight because it was New Year's Eve - I'd been out the night before with a small group of friends at a local bar to see in the New Year together, and we'd all left and returned to our respective homes at about 3am or so. After a few hours sleep I woke up at around 10.30am and, feeling slightly hungover, I was cursing the fact that I had to get up and dressed and ready to go out. I was still on friendly terms with my ex and he'd offered to call round at about 11 that morning and give me a lift in his car to collect our daughter from my mum's house, as there was no public transport running that day. I was lying in bed awake for a few minutes, trying to summon the energy to actually get up, when I heard and felt movement in my hallway outside my bedroom, as if someone was walking towards my room from the lounge. I immediately sat up and saw a tall male figure stop just outside the open door of my bedroom. I just sat and looked at him, puzzled - squinting at him because I hadn't had the chance to put my glasses on! I felt no fear whatsoever at that point - the person in the doorway was looking at me and although I couldn't see his features clearly, I felt an overwhelming feeling of love coming from him. For some reason I didn't think to say anything, we just looked at each other for what seemed to be maybe 15 seconds. I felt that this guy was looking at me thinking that I looked sweet tucked up in bed in my pyjamas - kind of how a parent would do about their child, a very strange, safe, nurturing kind of feeling - difficult to put into words. My initial thought was that the person must be my ex and that he'd called early, but then I couldn't work out why he hadn't knocked or rung at the front door first, and why he would just let himself in with the emergency-only key. Then I remembered that my ex had recently had his hair cut short, and noticed that the guy stood in front of me had really long hair. At that point I panicked - I reached for my glasses at the side of my bed, and also for an iron candlestick which I then brandished as a weapon to use against my "intruder". Of course as I crept out of my room and gingerly searched my flat I realised there was nobody there.

My ex arrived, as arranged, about half an hour later and, still pretty shaken, I told him about my weird experience telling him that I "must be going mad". Later on at around 7 o'clock that evening I received a phone call to tell me that one of the friends I'd been out with the night before had died suddenly in his sleep that morning, somewhere between 9.30-10.30am, as a result of his epilepsy. He was only 35 years old and his wife discovered him lying dead beside her. My god, what a shock - and I realised immediately that it was that same friend who I'd seen that morning, presumably right after he died. The figure that I'd seen was the same height and build, with long flowing hair and the same long coat that my friend always wore. I think he just came to say goodbye - he was quite a spiritual person himself and a true "gentle giant" - such a kind, warm-hearted person. I later found out that two other friends had also seen him after he died, but both other instances occurred after they'd already heard the news of his passing.

As I said, I can't explain the experience that I had or give any other more "rational" explanation. I was definitely wide awake and although I have myopia my eyesight is not so bad that I can't see a solid person standing about 10 feet in front of me. And it was a solid person - oddly, I could feel the vibrations caused by the weight of the person as he moved down my hallway, which would seem to defy the laws of physics as we know them! Although I had this very profound experience, I still remain open-minded about whether we live on after death. What funny creatures we humans are - I am still skeptical even after what happened to me, whilst others can blindly follow a belief without any real proof whatsoever!

I think that, if there is an afterlife, the spirit world operates in another plane of existence to our own, vibrating on another wavelength rather like two different channels on a radio. Sometimes, perhaps, the conditions are right so that the two channels can interfere with each other and we may make contact. I know that many spiritualists believe that if you really want and seek a message from the other side, that feeling of intent can actually serve to block the lines of communication.


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