Death bed promise....

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PostSun May 17, 2009 2:44 am » by Snake Plissken

Many years ago my Great Grandfather was in a bad way, laying in hospital he made a solemn promise, he said: 'no matter what the price, when i die if there is a way to come back, even if to tell you that their is nothing after death, i will find a way back, i will come back and tell you. I will fight my way back and let you know what has happened to me.'

He was a 'desert rat' in WW2 and returned from the war with a lung missing . A master engineer and a man whose word you could stand by, he passed away leaving the world a much less interesting place.

So far we have never heard anything from him. Does this meant that their is no life after death? Couldnt he find a way back? If there was one person who you could rely on it was him, the man was a living legend, but nothing occured after his death.

who thinks tat there is an afterlife? Who bwelieves in life after death? as someone who believes that death is as complex as life, i can rationalise the fact that my great grandfather didnt find a way. I woould like to hear the forums personall beliefs in what what happens when we die. Dont be afraid, dont be embarrassed, please tell me what you think. :wink:
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PostSun May 17, 2009 3:51 am » by Ghost32

I think that just because you have not heard anything does not mean there is no afterlife, Their energy might be so different or weaker that most people might not notice even if someone might have tried to communicate from the otherside. I have seen stuff on James Van Pragh , he is a medium I guess you would call it, it's said he can communicate with passed individuals and can sense different aspects of a that individual, You might consider getting help from someone who might be more perceptable to those type things. Also I think that those people you love and miss sometimes try to communicate to us through our dreams. It also has to do with you too I guess, you have to be very open-minded to new ideas that might not seem logical, if your someone who dont believe in ghosts , ect.. then it might make it that much harder to take some things serious thus preventing a communication , what I mean really is many of us want to believe in ghosts, ufo's, ect. but still in the back of our minds we might have some doubt, you have to give up all doubts no matter what , A good example is your religion, when your born you dont know these ideas , its just nature. But over time you are trained and taught to believe a certain way, but just as you came into the world, we leave it and we shed all those ideas again and go back to true nature of it all. So maybe even if your great grandfather was very religious, all that was something he learned and now it is back to the reality of nature and you might have to tune into that and not try to put any view point or belief system that might have been taught. When I was 8 yrs old my father died , he was my bestfriend we did everything together, he would take me outside at night and tell me Bigfoot stories and tales about ufo landing when I was around 7 years old thats why I am addicted to ufo's and bigfoot stories ect. He made me who I am and he kinda lives on in me. I had a very hard time getting over that and trying to understand the concept of death at the same time. But one night I had a dream I will never forget, it was my father and he was in the black car from the funeral and it was if he just wanted to comfort me and maybe help me realise he was'nt coming back again and just to let me know he's ok, then he spun the tires in the grass and left and I have not really had a dream of him since like that.( I know Crazy Dream Right.) Well ever since that dream it kinda made it easier for me to know he was still there watching , also everytime I have lost a family pet, I have always seen them in a dream a day or two later. So I believe your great grandfather , and my father are there, but its so different we cant imagine it and alot of times we try and envision them in heaven in a physical form, but they have shed there material form and so whatever we might think its like there , it most likely is not... Good Luck with talking to your great grandfather I hope you do! and like I said if your open-minded enough maybe it will truely happen ,also I would like to add that nothing is preventing you from trying to communicate with him right. I hope you hear from him ! :alien:

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PostSun May 17, 2009 4:41 am » by Drbunny

Re: Death bed promise...

1)Eternity is left behind us at conception.
2)We are mentally 'neutral' in the womb.
3)When we are born, depending upon the span of our life, we progressively become who we are, oftentimes, by the nature of our dispositions, mental capacities, environmental influences, ect.
4)As we die (slow death circumstance) we progressively transform into the faint shadow of who we once were. Our memories become more real – and the 'real' becomes as like a dream.
5)We are mentally 'neutral' in the coma-of-near-death.
6)Eternity is before us when we die.

If we become who we are by the experience of our individual life – then certainly we are all exactly equal before we are born – and after death!

For Example...

Imagine This Analogy:

It's a sunny day. Your walking through a grave yard – quite antiquated. You arrive at a tombstone. The name it bears is Anderson. Right along side of Anderson is another tombstone which bears the name: Patel

Anderson was a slave owner in 1800ce. The slave he owned is in the grave beside him: Patel.

Patel ate the scrap that Anderson allowed him: Pork joints, Squirrel head...and once, during Christmas season, Anderson allowed him to have a try at pickled bull testicles imported from Spain.

Anderson beat Patel repeatedly. Whipped him. Humiliated him. Patel lived in a little wooden shed that leaked very badly.

Anderson lived the life of luxury. And he enjoyed the satisfaction of a highly prestigious education.

One day, Anderson and Patel were on there way to town, when the horse and carriage fell down a ravine when a mudslide gave way from the heavy rains the day before– thus killing them both.

Now your looking at there graves. Now image that you are digging there graves. As you finish, remove the skulls.

Set them side by side – and there they are: Two skulls: Anderson and Patel: The slave and the slave-owner.

As you observe their skulls side by side: WHAT DO YOU SEE???

Do you see it? It's called...


I have to wonder: If we're all the same before we are born and after we die... Perhaps life "is" the other side! (?)

Yours truly, Doc.

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PostSun May 17, 2009 7:32 am » by Aragajag

Life is everlasting and continuously growing in experience, death is transitory to more of the unfolding fractal universe in an everlasting cycle of birth and death always growing always understanding more or rinse and repeat untill you can achieve the next level in someways like a computer game but the best there is. So maybe he did come back but you never recognised him. So I believe.
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PostSun May 17, 2009 9:51 am » by bugmenot

sorry folks when your dead thats it....... lost loads family not one of them said boo.....
probably why ime such a miserable sod. one family member liked cheese and onion crisps.. he came to see me in the shape of a crisp packet he blowed right on bye me. didnt even say hello... the twat :dancing: :banana: now ufos on the other hand....

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PostSun May 17, 2009 10:31 am » by Count_E.R.Measure


a dear friend of mine told me a story once of a boy who just turned 18 and died in a car crash. She is sort of a witch with some medial powers and she manged to get into contact with him and begged him to come back on behalf of all the friends and family. His girlfriend was pregnant, too. He gave an answer to her begging saying that he is not allowed to come back into his former life. That it is not possible to do that without causing other big problems.
I have no experience in that field, my friend is not a nutcase. So this is one of those stories which really make me think. If this is true, which I believe it is, than it would be a good explanation why you don't hear anything of your grandfather.
But for comfort the boy also said he is in a good place and that they should not worry about him.

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PostSun May 17, 2009 10:58 am » by Slith

Don't mean to sound morbid here, but we are born to die. It's inevitable, What happens after, who knows. As far as someone coming back in contact after death, it's possible. My parents are both dead, yet my mom continues to talk to me in my dreams. Guiding me on what not to do and what to do. Not sure if it's subconcious or just imaginary, but it sure is interesting

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PostSun May 17, 2009 11:22 am » by Robsonsdad

I believe that once we are dead that's IT. End of story. I did like the book 'FLUKE' about a man that reincarnates into a dog. The film was not as good.

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PostSun May 17, 2009 11:33 am » by Drextin

For anyone to contact us from the after life we would have to assume they are somehow stuck here. The fact you have not heard from him might be a good sign that he has moved on like he should.

Since I don't believe in Christianity you would think I wouldn't believe in an after life of sorts. Yet scientifically it is impossible for death to just be it. everything is made up of energy. That is fact. Energy can never be destroyed or cease to exist. That is fact. So when we die what ever energy makes up who we are HAS to go somewhere. That is fact.

Now where that energy goes or if it even resembles intelligence is up for debate. I myself like to think it does hold our essence and there may be more to what we are then we expected.
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PostSun May 17, 2009 12:16 pm » by Spock

Is consciousness energy though? I'm not sure if there is a definitive understanding of consciousness.
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