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I love how this thread has broken down to a damn grammar lesson.
It doesn't matter if its real or not because you loopy bastards wouldn't get it either way.

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ghost32 wrote:Sorry but... This is not real this is actually the same video that is being used by Von Helton on youtube and the video he has posted is called Naysayers X: Nemesis Revisited

Also many people have commented on it saying how that the actual part that supposedly was leaked that wasnt shown before is actually photoshopped because the stereo sat and the soho sat have a very specific quality and that the new footage is actually at such a higher quality that both soho and the stereos sat do not render images at that level,

The person that faked it was not good enough at photoshop and you see a very distinct difference between original nasa footage and the fake. ITs very easy to tell it is not real.

The original youtube poster of this gives excuses saying nasa cut off that part but he just made it up.

here is an actual comment from von heltons site (3 days ago) " Love the videos Von Helton, I just wanted to comment on the video about nemisis revisited looks photoshoped Nasa's stereo cam has a very distinct quality and the video in the nemesis revisited has better quality than the stereo satelitte or the soho can actually render, it looks very suspect."

images are not photo shopped and are not leaked go to this link for stereo
and search start date :20070304, end date :20070404 on the HI1 camera and you will find all the images for all to see, so not leaked and NOT photo shopped :hiho: :bang;

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