Debunking the "Supriem Rockefeller" myth/hoax

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PostSat May 01, 2010 11:52 pm » by Eldavicho

I see, thanks for elaborating Art. I didn't know Supriem was such a tobacco aficionado...champagne maybe, lol but not the smoke.

On a side note, I'm an artist as well, do you have a site with any of your art posted? PM me if you like as this is not really on topic!

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PostTue May 11, 2010 12:21 am » by Mayorpufnstuf

LowSix wrote:
hidden wrote:

Total crock of shit.

They DISAVOWED connections with HIM when they realized he was putting out all of those fake press releases to attempt to get some fraudulent financing.

This occurred simultaneously with the OTHER group he was associating himself with disavowed him and his merry band of delusionists from the Temple Group he kept reffering to being associated with.

Dude is a total crackpot..and so is anyone even REMOTELY trying to justify or defend that retarded ludicrous story.


Well said. This whole story is so ridiculous and full of holes, anyone who bought it for a second is a sucker. Sorry, but thems the facts. There's a sucker born every minute, Wes Penre is one of them, and he attracted a bunch of other suckers to his site with this tale.

And to the person who said Wes was not duped, nonsense. Not only did Wes obviously believe this crap, if you tried to point out the obvious, and downright ludicrous, fabrications and holes through out this story, Wes would defend the mistakes. Here is his reply when I pointed out that Supriem Holdings claims to operate in 220 countries, even though there are about 160 countries on the planet;

"Newswire is not the only “press release”, and yes — of course there are holes in the story. Why wouldn’t it be? Why would they let me reveal some of this stuff without giving me both disinformation and contradictions to cover themselves? I’ve already explained that in the book, and why I posted it prematurely. I could have waited another year of so with publishing it, at a time when I had it all together, but for reasons I bring up in the book, I decided not to wait.

Speaking of books — this is not a book you buy in the store that is definite — this is a continuously updated e-book, updated when new information is pouring in and there are new insights…


He's defending the errors. He's so deluded and convinced of the authenticity of this fable, that he says, of course there are holes in the story, those are purposeful disinformation. HA!!! Oh, OK, Wes. You can only have disinformation if the story actually contains any information. Which it doesn't. Every detail of it is fabricated.

The defend Wes as not being duped is silly. He fancies himself a researcher and reporter. Researchers who are in the habit of regurgitating whatever silly lies have been fed to them are not researchers at all. He'd be better off stylizing himself as a gossip columnist or head foreman of a rumor mill.

If Wes is reporting whatever is given him, allowing the reader to make up their own mind, then why has he not updated his e-book to present information about the holes in the story, which have been pointed out to him?

Logic says; because Wes believes this tale, and he wants the reader to believe it too.

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PostSun Jul 04, 2010 9:02 am » by Darkhorse

Dear patrons,

I'd like to take the opportunity to clarify a few issues regarding myself specifically and this topic in general which were made in the underlying post.

I do manage funds, and mix at clubs and parties on occasion. I am American, not Swedish. I am nonetheless partially of Swedish ancestry. Consequently I happen to share a surname with a Swedish royal family. Because my family was materially well off and enjoyed some degree of social affluence, some people have speculated that we were related to the Swedish nobility of the same name. However, I have never seen any evidence which seems to suggest this is the case other than the circumstantial facts mentioned above. I do not personally believe that this is the case. I wouldn't call myself a "fluent french speaker". On the contrary, my French is quite coarse and is probably on par with an average 5-6 year old francophone. I do not feel compelled to have my education, work history, or previous employers posted on the internet. It's my personal information and more importantly, not relevant to the main "story". I'd like to have my personal information removed from the posting. If anyone has any objection to this suggestion I'd like to politely request that they express their objection here. If no one has any objection and the consensus is that the request is found to be reasonable, I'll ask the moderators and/or owners to edit the post accordingly.

As for Kris- Yes, we used to hang out . I last saw him about 5-6 years ago. We have spoken infrequently since about 2002. I was enjoying the festivities and I'd had a few drinks when I spoke with who I can only assume is "hellothere" in New York. I did say roughly what was quoted, although I hope that the context is apparent. I am not, and have not ever been involved with Kris in any financial or vocational context. We never undertook any business venture together. Merely discussion and the exchange of ideas. I have also certainly not taken part in any "endeavor" he's been a part of in recent years.

As for the alleged allegations by Kris and/or Kris fans that I am actually the law firm representing the Rockefeller Family Offices, am the author of the letters they issued, or am somehow behind the legal efforts of the Rockefeller Family legal counsel. These claims are all unequivocally fictional. The law firm does exist. They contacted me some time before this was posted on the internet. I immediately informed Kris. Initially he told me that it wasn't actually a law firm, and they weren't actually lawyers representing the Rockefeller family. He said that it was all a big hoax. The next time I spoke with him he decided I was lying and that I had never spoken with anyone. Some time later, the letter was posted on the internet, including this site. The letter is from the same law firm that I had previously spoken to who claimed to represent the Rockefeller family. That's more or less the synopsis of my involvement with this issue.

Thanks for your time and attention. Again, if anyone has any objection to my personal information being removed please discuss it with me here. Otherwise, I'll follow up by asking the moderators to edit the posting accordingly. Thanks again.


Jaden ( the Swedish noble :lol: )

hellothere wrote:Oh, and don't think I haven't thought about it. However, in this case it would be more of a "BS" exam. (corny, I know, couldn't resist)

However, it's still an interesting story. This guy, while certainly not a real Rockefeller and almost certainly a small time scammer, is still an interesting story.

For example the guy who produced his rap song, Omartian, is no small fry in the music biz. Look him up! You probably have to be pretty chummy with a heavy hitting producer to get him to spend time producing your do nothing rap song. That guy is pretty big time! You can find all kinds of info on this guy and his famous father on the internet. They have platinum records to their credit! Also, there's another guy named Jaden Von Jordan who's another Ivy League fund manager of old money stock. He lives in Montreal, but he's also currently in NYC and was hanging out with a bunch of New York young elite at a loft party on the Upper East Side where, he was deejaying. He's a fluent french speaker, and was a proprietary derivatives trader for Refco before they went under due to a fraud scheme by the CFO. Jaden was described as being "best buds" with Kris/Supriem for a number of years by more than one source. An old money Von Jordan or Jordan? Of any relation to the Swedish Royal Von Jordan or Jordan families? I don't know but who can tell? Finding Jaden was easy enough, but getting anything serious out of him was a different story. He said that he hadn't hung out with Kris in years, but when I asked about his name he told me that "Supriem Rockefeller" was not his real name but was a decoy for his real name which was "Super Rockinroller". When I asked about any business ventures they might have engaged in, he told me about a restaurant called the "Raging Toucan" and a club called the "Cockpit" targeting consumers in the gay community which never got off the ground. I have verified that he was a derivatives trader at Refco, and I have found information online, (including congressional recognition statements) about his family. So I highly doubt he's a fake. Those are just a couple of examples of verifiable high profile types that he has associated with . But all that to say that Kris, while being a phony with some pretty stupid ideas, also seems to be a networking genius! Although now it would seem that despite having worked his way into contact with the affluent social caste, he's now made some fatal errors and gotten a lot of the socially elite pretty angry with him. Indeed, he has been the subject of ridicule in more than once conversation in elitist Manhattan circles, and is now the laughing stock of the Nashville nightlife. Is climbing the social ladder a hazardous exercise, or did Kris just make some epic faux pas? The truth is probably a bit of both... Either way, I think now we are really starting to get to the truth of this story.

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PostSun Jul 04, 2010 12:06 pm » by Mediasorcerer

well,well,well,the truth about "sperm" rokkafuckhead finally comes to light,yeh,i need bandages after laughing myself off my chair,
so does this mean iam scamyaza is a fony too?lofl,
you know the one with the kids drawing on his forehead,
hardy ha fuking ha man,best larf ever,
thanks becks mate,very entertaining ,i bet sperm is a real jumped up twerp in the real.
with the power of soul,anything is possible
with the power of you,anything that you wanna do

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PostFri Jul 16, 2010 7:50 pm » by Darkhorse

Alright, so then presumably no one has any objection to my irrelevant personal information being deleted from this thread as it's been a couple weeks since I first asked and no one has posted to that effect. Thanks for understanding, I'll now proceed with requesting the removal of my personal information from the thread. Thanks again.



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