Derren Brown: Fear and Faith - Episode 1

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PostTue Nov 13, 2012 1:42 am » by Emeraldtruth

There are no valid youtube links yet, at least not in my country.
So I thought I'd share this one below for others eager to watch it like myself.
I've just started it and the quality is good. Enjoy

p.s. This episode is to do with eliminating fear from what I've gathered. But isn't fear useful too? Let's see..

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PostSun Nov 18, 2012 12:54 am » by Emeraldtruth

This is part 2 of fear and faith with Derren Brown.

Upload to

I found this part to be much more profound than the preceding one.
Although I thought the finale somewhat an anti-climax, it was deep stuff throughout.
Well worth a watch.

The official description:
" Derren looks at the psychology of religious belief, performs a satanic rite and attempts to give
an atheist a religious conversion".

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PostSun Nov 18, 2012 11:37 am » by Richc

Watched the second one last night...

Was interesting and it does seem we are hard wired to believe things even when we are sceptical.
( most of the time )

Mostly the mind accepts what it hears or sees because its easier to do that than not believe.

If the brain has a problem with something, it wants to solve that problem as quick as possible so it can move onto something else and if believing in something is the quickest way to do that then it generally will..

If you suspect your 12 year old kid is smoking, it is a problem/worry in your mind.
So if you confront the kid about it and the kid lies to you saying it does not smoke you will more than likely just accept it because it removes the worry from your mind.

It was the easy route to solving the problem.

"Theres A Storm Coming!"

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