Dick Morris predicts Gop will retake both houses

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Dick Morris Predicts GOP Will Retake Both Houses of Congress in 2010; Names Senate Seat Pickups - Video 11/30/09

Here is video of Dick Morris tonight on Hannity where he said he is ready to predict that Republicans will retake control of BOTH Houses of Congress in the 2010 Elections. Morris says this beginning at the 5:53 mark of the video.

Morris names the seats he believes the GOP will take in the Senate: Six fairly easy pickups according to Morris - Dodd in Connecticut, Delaware, Reid in Nevada, Lincoln in Arkansas, Specter in Pennsylvania, and Colorado. He believes the Governor of North Dakota could run and beat Dorgan, and that Rudy Giuliani can run and beat Gillibrand in New York. Morris also thinks Kirk can win in Illinois to take that seat and that Fiorina can beat Boxer in California. That's a pickup of 10. He also mentioned three other seats that could be in play - Washington, New Jersey and Oregon.
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