Did everyone see the Vatican says OK to believe in ALIENS???

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PostWed May 14, 2008 11:44 pm » by Ldawgthegr8

Here is the link to the article: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id ... _article=1

Sounds like they are trying to break the ice to get us closer to disclosure on the whole subject of Aliens and UFO's!! Why else come forward at this time with this kind of announcement? They obviously know something and know that the governments of the world are preparing to let the truth out! They are getting the religions of the world ready for a major announcement!! What do you think??

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PostThu May 15, 2008 1:29 am » by Ldawgthegr8

Hey peeps, please respond to my question. You people are viewing but not posting any responses!! Thats what this forum is here for, so we can share our opinions and get the word out!! SO, please reply as to what your thoughts are about the HOLY VATICAN saying - YES it's OKAY to believe in aliens, cuz if you didn't then you would be limiting GOD's creativity!!!!!!!!!!! This is a major statement people, please realize this!!!
I await your posts with eagerness!! lol

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PostThu May 15, 2008 1:44 am » by Belarion

Saying it's ok to believe in aliens, only is really relevant to catholics , coming from the vatican. ; however since the church has always had a policy of restriction and denial, it does say something! BUT!... Is any one thinking all the reveations from high sources and ex military people could be lies , disinformation for a one world agenda? or something like?
It is imperative that people keep an open mind , and not be prey to paranoia or worse !

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PostThu May 15, 2008 7:16 am » by rsrory

since the vatican tipped their hand and says its ok to believe in aliens,
then the vatican needs to finish playing that card by exposing the skeletons found in their library basement.
after they do that then they will have a foot to say that they embrace the angel of light

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PostSat May 17, 2008 10:32 am » by Theshee

You say "Sounds like they are trying to break the ice to get us closer to disclosure on the whole subject of Aliens and UFO's!! " I couldn't agree more... :flop:

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PostSat May 17, 2008 1:49 pm » by Symbolon

Well.....if the Vatican says it's ok to believe in aliens, then all i can say is 'i can finally sleep at night'!! :lol:

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PostSun May 18, 2008 12:05 am » by Gj812

A little about the Vatican...

The Vatican have allways known - they've been hording alien artefcts for years, believing them to be religious archeology - Its only in the last century that they actually understand these items to be 'technology'. This is why they are such a hugely powerful organisation.

They know (as we all do really), just how much world society would be affected, if the 'alien presence' were to be confirmed to the public.
When the announcements come - and they will come - they will be announced gradually, so as to minimise impact. This process will take years, and indeed has already started a while back.
For society to accept this concept, the information will be first disclosed via the Church so as minimise impact on religious folk, whom will need validation from a religious authority.

This is actually very serious stuff.
However, this recent announcement is not 'the announcement' I was just talking about - rather part of the ongoing process. In fact, the Vatican has 'pubblicly' expressed their views on this in recent years.

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PostSun May 18, 2008 2:50 am » by rsrory

ok let me ask this:
just how much would world society be affected?
why are they afraid of panic?
which seems to be the only reason given because of Orson Wells.

if Orson Wells had not of made his "war of the worlds show" about an "attacking" force from beyond this planet then the impact as you say would not have been considered a big deal,

in fact i believe that most people would have accepted a friendly ET, and most would not have been caught up in the the panic and alot of people were not,
it was the people that only tuned in late to that broadcast that did not hear the start of the program that only heard what sounded like to them to be an "actual news broadcast."

so there has to be truth in what Orson Wells was telling in order for the main reason of
"its a big secret for fear of panic" for it to not create a repeat or mass panic if disclosure is made,

it is not the fact that they were ET or space men
it was the fact that it sounded like they were attacking and killing and could not be stopped that created panic to those that didnt know it was only a show.

so even to this date ALL reports from writers that give you the FACTS on sightings only say to draw on your own conclusions or YOU be the judge.
a sort of fail safe to cover their own butts in order to not "create panic"
but at the same time NOT infringing upon freedom of choice about the subject to embrace them or reject them, always placing it on an individual scale

so to me the vatican has took it upon themselves to step over the policy that discloser's have adopted

its ok to believe in unknown creatures
whats not ok is for anyone to TELL you its "ok" to sway a verdict of your freedom of choice.

sounds too much like a setup to me from the vatican that has been known to retract policies and stances in the past in order to compromise with the people.

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PostSun May 18, 2008 8:25 pm » by Gj812

just how much would world society be affected?

The 3rd world and primitive cultures will not be affected. It is the western and intelligent cultures that will freak out.
Every ufologist wants disclosure, but they are simply thinking about the frustration of not knowing the truth. You need to think beyond the sentence "Aliens are real", and think about all the many peoples of western society and how they will react.
Firstly the emergency services will be overwhelmed with ufo reports increasing exponentially due to the overactive imagininations. I know my wife wouldn't want to open the front door at night let the cat out or put the rubbish out if she knew that there were aliens "out there".

Then you have the nutters. Who needs disinformation when you have nut cases. The resulting stories that will emerge, will have even level-headed people not nowing exactly what is real and what is not. The government will be forced to "educate" us at a huge expense which will come out of our taxes. But by now we will all be so paranoid that we wont beleive the advise, especially as our trust in the government will be shot to pieces.from the fact that they lied to us for all these years.

Then you have the religious community who will all fee pretty much suicidal due to learning that everything they have dedicated their lives to is based on a misunderstanding.

If you have young children, then it should be too hard to imagine the terror that will drive their imaginations.

Pretty soon, people will become frustrated at the instability that by now is dominating every conversation. This will lead to rioting - rioting leads to looting - and where rioting is people against authority, looting turns people against people as they try to protect themselves and their homes, etc..anarchy

why are they afraid of panic?

Because it will ultimatley spell the collapse of society and the economy - even if they are "friendly".

We are lucky the Orson Wells incident happened, as it made governments realise just how profound disclosure event is. But don't think that the War of the Worlds broadcast is what made governments say "Hang on, we'd better not disclose this info!". There are a huge number of professionals including phychologists, sociologists whom are called upon to calculate impacts, even for the stuff we do know about let alone disclosure.

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PostMon May 19, 2008 2:30 am » by rsrory

the things you speak of that could happen is already happening in society
without an alien disclosure

economy is already failing
and according to Lindsey Williams
rioting will occur when people get fed up with high gas prices because they cannot afford to get to work and still have enough money after the commute to buy food to feed their families.
this is happening now with nothing to do about disclosure of aliens,
it has to do with control from elite and NWO

When the truckers strike to protest high fuel cost which they have done repeatedly in the past ,
there wont be any food on the shelves to buy
it will undoubtedly cause protests and riots and civil unrest
and that also would be a reason to implement MARSHAL LAW to tighten the NWO grip on the masses. i would caution restraint about street protests and resort to spamming congress till something is done, or vote for Ron Paul to protest.
at least he offers a solution to the current crises, till the next one comes along.

but again that has nothing to do with ET.

so what you say could happen (if disclosure) will still undoubtedly happen regardless of disclosure.
the public does not need psychologists or sociologists think tanks to decide whats best when all one has to do is observe the obvious.

i have my own theories about ET as do alot of other people
but if i tell you what i think then you certainly do not have to believe me
or accept my views
such is the case of psychologists or sociologists think tanks
They are NOT addressing the cause, only the effect
but they are addressing the effect of overall fuel inflation which bests fits this riot scenario.

but again that has nothing to do with ET.

anyone that IS religious should know what is to happen if "GOD`s other children" mingle freely among men here on earth,
so in a since the vatican has already disclosed to you what ET is.
but didnt exactly go into detail

but to go down that road isnt scientific its spiritual


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