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PostWed Sep 19, 2012 11:33 pm » by Temps13

the crust of the moon is like 60km thick..twice as thick as ours,generally speaking..
also,why is the equatorial bulge on the side NOT facing earth?

why the pure Iron that does not rust? the uranium 235 and neptunium 236? thats to do with the fact that there has been tremendous nuclear fusion level heat on the outer crust..melting stuff..
its proven the moons hollow..its obviously very ancient,older than earth..a fact thats been determined..
sound waves through lunar rocks is a 3rd of that of earth rocks...the list of anomalies fills many volumes and there is only one answer
but people dont believe it..yet they call themselves scientific..well a real scientist goes with the evidence,not with what they can or cannot believe
we are here a few short spins round the sun yet we think we know it all..its really sad to see
They cant believe what the sumerians say,in spite of the fact their cosmogony explains every astronomical anomaly..and they knew the color and composition of neptune and uranus before voyager confirmed it..they depicted saturn in rock?
probably from browns gas via electrolysis of water..we know they had electricity..we found the batteries ffs..theres no soot in the great pyramid..they depict it being used..mainstream science will tell you he dendera relief is people holding up symbolic lillies ffs!
this browns gas wont burn flesh but it melts granite...obviously they used it..they used electrolysis to separate the hydrogen n oxygen..
come on anyone read that book by george..leonard,was it? the one that pre dates the don wilson one? Ive not read that..anything good in there?
anyone got anything to add.. :help: :badair: :hell: :o :obsessed: :yell: :shooting:
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PostSun Sep 23, 2012 11:04 pm » by Temps13

obviously not..probably too bus posting bullshit false titles to shit old videos..
with the exception of the many excellent threads by people like Deum,Wilease,sav n the rest..
theres a lot of stupid stuff being posted (not on the forums necessariy) that needs sorting..I guess thats the price you pay for freedom of speech..
noone got anything to add about the moon..ok il trawl the many old threads but I would of thought this would of interested at least one person...the fact there a wealth of proof that the moon artificial :bang;
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PostTue Sep 25, 2012 12:45 pm » by Chillitiger

Well there are planty of theories around about the moon being a massive spaceship of some kind. I have also read somewhere about the myth of it being dragged into place by the "sky gods". I can't remember where I read that though.

Trouble fo rme is there are so many good topics to research I just don't have enough time. (maybe if i get of the porn :alien51: :alien51: )

I just found out about this "Browns Gas". That shit sounds interesting. Is there any one here with acytual experience of using this?
I would do my own research but I would much rather someone just posts here who knows about the subject :mrgreen:
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