Dimensions of truth diversion

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Over many years I have observed different kinds of truth diversions. Actually, there are not many in general, but numerous in different colours.

Encountering truth in general is not a thing of chosing "to find truth", as though a subject can ever chose looking for thruth by itself. It is the opposite - truth is not a thing, but a process of revealing itself, whenever it wants at every time it is willing to do so. It is that force belonging to the process of revelation, that pulls attraction to a subject bringing it to hang on in the process of chosing to look for truth. There is no separate chosing of a subject to look for truth. The power to do so is always part of truth itself as processual happening, in other words, it reaches out for the subject bringing it to have the will for chosing.

In general truth itself thus is both - condition and fullfillment or, in other words, opening and perception. Truth as process is not simply revelation, but providing revelation. It`s relation to the subject is not simply fulfilled in revelating itself to the subject, but in making the subject ready to perceive and receive such revelation. Thus truth is not a thing, but a kind of relation to a subject. And here work the dimensions of truth diversions to have such truth - subject relations disturbed. I will give an outline of possible strategies of such work.

A. Open counterwork to truth

# The subject is kept busy and tired.
This is a general strategy of truth diverstion forces. Keep busy in work, love, relations, spare time, TV, media etc. Make a subject stay in fights, sorrows, problems, fear. Keep it breathless. It must be tired and filled with desires to sleep.

# The subject is kept under constant threat to produce fear.
Threats range from "to fail to do something" to open threats of psycho, social and physical life.

B. Hidden counterwork

# The subject simply does not know of traps and logical fallacies.
This is not the fault of the subject, but is often used to have the subject apart from knowing it.

# The subject experiences ignorance.
No answers, no responsibility. Time becomes the enemy of the subject. Hopefully the subject becomes tired over time.

# The subject experiences lies.
Lies range from open lies to hidden ones. The subject shall be brought to silence by not questioning anymore or keeping busy in order not to question.

# The subject gets twisted answers.
Those answers range from recognition to open nonsense. The subject shall be busy in thinking about it. Whether the subject has new questions, or is looking for the one and real question - his mind is busy, sad or exited, which makes it not easy to have a truth relation at all.

C. The climax of distortion

# The subject gets absolute recognition, is treated well and gets clear answers.
Only later the subject may find those answers wrong. The counterwork is of this kind: it avoids negation, is prefering affirmation instead and assures the subject it`s kindnes and finest recognition. The subject is declared on the right track. Thus the subject gets silenced, the pressure of getting real answers is silenced, and the counterwork has no fights anymore. It is a kind of lullaby strategy - no fights, no contradictions, no problems anymore. Meanwhile the subject is silenced and assured to stay not alone in the search for truth. It only needs another time to know.

D. The community trap.
The subject is assured of the community of many "truth searchers" including "leading experts", which haven`t any answers yet. Thus the subject believes, there is no answer yet, maybe in the future. The counterwork thus has silenced the subject by having taken away the subject`s curiosity.

E. The redeemer trap.
This is often used with religious people by saying, we can nothing do but need the redeemer`s strength - we need Jesus or God`s help. Curiosity thus is often called a sin and unfitting to follow the redeemer. Here religion is used to temper a subject`s search for truth.

Those are the basic patterns of the counterwork taking place.

Now you may look to the Alien case. At the beginning there was all denial, lies and hiding and cover up.

Then all changed into more and more open affirmation even from officials. Remember the Cointelpro program. It is finally still a big, fat lie.

Only the strategies of truth diversion have changed.

Maybe those are right, who openly now speak of satanic deception.

Maybe the Alien thing is really more a spiritual thing than entities from other galaxies.

Something shall remain hidden, shall not be exposed as truth. We shall not see it. It must have to do with ourself. It must have to do with our place in this world. Otherwise the counterwork of truth would not have such immense efforts to hide the truth.

There is only one name for that, which truth is doing to the subject, in all attempts to establish a truth - subject relation: freedom.

Freedom is the name for it, and another name is: suppression over.
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PostSat Jan 21, 2012 4:04 pm » by Tertiusgaudens

In summer 1925 there was a meeting 15 minuter from where I live in a small town called Weida. It is now called the Weida conference.

Aleister Crowley was here being declared at this time as world`s savior.

Coordinates are 50° 46′ N, 12° 4′ E. Maybe someone of you is seeing a pattern.

Crowley reported he has met an extraterrestical entity he called Lam.

You can find much stuff at google. Only one remark. Lam in reverse spelling is Mal. And this - coming from latin - means in the root bad or evil...
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PostSat Jan 21, 2012 5:28 pm » by Tertiusgaudens

Just for info, this is a very deep article on the same subject worth having a closer look:

http://cassiopaea.org/2010/09/18/aliens ... ointelpro/

And here something about Cointelpro:


Here an article about required deception f.i. in art:

http://www.british-aesthetics.org/uploa ... 0FINAL.pdf

And finally a connection between cuture and Alien appearance:

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PostSat Jan 21, 2012 5:32 pm » by Cosmine

Just plainly brilliant,Tertius,i just woke up and i read that.
for me,post of a lifetime. :pray:

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