Dinosaurs In the Art of Major Museums

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PostWed Oct 23, 2013 1:02 am » by Teri107

http://s8int.com/WordPress/2013/10/19/n ... e-peabody/

If dinosaurs lived in the time of man you might expect sculptures or drawings of them to show up in archaeological museums--if the were willing to allow them to be shown. For the first 100 years after dinosaurs were "discovered" scientists were quite willing to call them "dragons".

Discovery Magazine points out that science is mostly just guessing with it s dinosaur art and that many species are represented by the same art showing them in the same stance.

But what if we are overlooking the depictions of actual eyewitnesses of the past?


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PostWed Oct 23, 2013 1:12 am » by Toxic32

Looking at the sculpture I would say it's a Hippo?
Invictus maneo

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