Discerning Brown Dwarf - Nibiru - Planet X

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Ok, I am tired of everyone using different terms to describe the same thing, when they are obviously different things. This suggest you don't know what the hell your talking about. So, for simplicity reasons, I am going to attempt to clarify.

BROWN DWARFS - Are not planets, that are bigger then jupiter and have enough heat to be hot, but not enough eat to illuminate or be a star.

PLANET X - Is an object that NASA theorizes may exist as any object which has not been discovered yet; therefore is a generic term for any object in the universe the think may be there but isn't discovered this does not mean it exists. It's just a generic Term for speculation.

NIBIRU is Suspected of being a planet or a Brown dwarf. It is theorized that it would have a gravitational foot print of 4.95 AU +- 10% and It was 55 AU away in the southern plane in 1955 when it was first "thought" to be discovered. and was estimated to reach the interior of the solar system at it's current speed within 50 years then ignored.

In 1987 it was "thought" to be measured again by Cal Tech university closer and then vanished again off the scopes.

It is therefore speculated to arrive in visible sight between 2005 - 2015 so everyone is looking for it.

ERIS is not NIBIRU is not Planet X it is a 10th planet; different from all the larger objects they are measureing. Its farther out then Pluto.


Here is my thought process, all of this is BS and form of "KEYWORK" Psychology to trigger an event and programmed into your psychies. Because, I don't see no NIBIRU.

You have created the scenarios; and need them to manifest because you invested way to much time into it.

So, with that said, believe that the government pre-programmed you to respond to a stupid keyword.


Though I believe that we probably DO have a binary twin star; I do not think it's going to pop up from no where. There will be a level of warning, in a natural setting. Unless of course it's man made, or Alien made. Then it's not a star, it's an object of creation.

So, with ALL that said - I see many people looking around and declaring everything that they don't know as "Nibiru" or a Brown Dwarf dooms day star. Please, If you don't know - just ask, is this Nibiru it's easier to answer YES or NO with an explaination of what it is then all you wack jobs running around declaring it is something it isn't. IF you don't know, DON'T ANSWER with absolutes, cause your not absolute.

90% of the time your wrong, it's a comet (which are common), it's a known planet, it's a known lens flare, it's a known lens glare.

There are also things which occur that may not be accounted for.

Rather if you want to PROOVE the science of NIBIRU try MEASUREING THE CHANGES OF THE ORBITS of the PLANETS over the last 10 years, which if you do this and study it, you'll sound more intelligent in your arguments.


For the record Comet "NEAT" V1 class - passed in 2001/2002 was larger the jupiter and should have destroied our solar system. It DIDN'T and we are still here, so this suggest that maybe NASA doesn't know everything about gravity interactions and how they offset.

SO STOP PLACING ABSOLUTES into the world, when you don't know. Because you don't and that I DO KNOW.

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