Disclose.tv 2.0 Relaunch - New CLASSIFIED information leaked

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PostSun Apr 08, 2012 4:28 pm » by TheDuck

I see none of what you talk about dude...
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PostSun Apr 08, 2012 10:03 pm » by domdabears

eldorado wrote:
domdabears wrote:
eldorado wrote:I hope that there AREN'T going to be these little word ads generated everywhere...

Cause this makes the site worthless if there are nothing but pop-up's generated on every page......

And every time that I want to go to an article on the main news topics/ front page links, there is always a redirect ad page there......and when I wanna go back using the arrow....it jams me and makes me have to click the mouse 3x's to override the redirect feature.

I hope that you have found funding for the 2.0 version in some other manner, so as to not be tying up the page with ads every paragraph.....it makes me mad to see the entire web page, originally ad free, turned into the classified section of the sunday paper.....

Is the new site page gonna be as much of a crunch on my processor as this one is???

I still love the forums and the site as a whole.......just think that maybe you can find a more selective way of advertising on the site to make it less of a hassle, less distracting.

I don't ever see any ads on any site.

Install an ad-blocker.

Got any recommendations for a chrome compatible blocker?

Ive got an ad blocker on chrome, and on explorer........both of these are useless against the ads........the little BLUE words that are highlighted on everyone's posts, produce the same pop-up's......why did they sell the forum space to ads??

Then the page redirect bullshit........this is a joke.......hope we dont get these problems on any newer versions.

It blocks tracking and all the ads.


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PostSun Apr 15, 2012 4:43 am » by The57ironman

hey dom....can you email me about WTF i need to do..? :bang; :bang; :bang; :bang; :bang;
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