divine messages - must read for all who seek truth

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Hey George, just for future posts, if you can not multi-post the same topic, the mods will delete them, also you have to give a bit of background to the link rather than just posting a link..It gets annoying for the forum users. I have deleted 2 of the repetitive ones.

Hope this helps you newbie.


your brother in law....lol



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Within it are contained the many chapters of divine messages that i have been receiving and writing for a number of years now. I urge you to distribute this site to all friends and family, because it is intended for all regardless of age or creed.

Its best to read my blog from the bottom up, that is the very first blog date and then onwards, there original dates although have not been shown but they have been put into chapters, beginning with intro, preface and onwards from chapter 1.

I urge all of you to distribute these messages, as the information contained within them are messages from God and Angels for all to read and deliberate over.


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Divine ? its only the way in which you see something

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