Djedi penis warriors of Osiris?

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boobytrap wrote:megame23
who do you think they would keep? and why?
who do you think they would get rid of?

do you really think they can pull it off
and how do you think they will do the slaughter to end it all..

Their plan is to enslave the world by convincing them their is some sort of threat or whatever, kill the people who resist, then once most people are in camps start killing them too.

Then they can start killing their own lower level people, most of the freemasons, all sorts of people who thought they would get a piece of the prize.

But no, I dont think they can pull it off.

These bastards can corrupt and manipulate things all they want. But the thing is, all these cultural icons they have propped up for us, that symbolize their evil plans : They dont symbolize that to humanity. Hell, so many of the games, movies, and things I grew up with are actually Illuminati bullshit. But that's not what they taught me growing up, I didn't learn from Star Wars that I should manipulate from the shadows, build up an evil empire to enslave everyone, then destroy it so I have all the power for myself. No, the message that does go out to the masses is one of standing for good, and doing what is right. And the things that are fucked up, we mostly throw out, example being the Jedi are told not to love. Well that's obviously fucked up, what the hell are we fighting for if not love? Most people blow that part off as stupid anyway, even if they were trying to use it to manipulate our thoughts. They can try to paint themselves as the heroes, but what I learned from the heroes in our cultural stories, is that one should stand for truth, justice, and freedom. And the side of good WILL win in the end, these evil bastards won't stand a chance once the people understand.
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." ~Edmund Burke


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