Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

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PostSun Jun 08, 2008 6:13 pm » by Revzillo

:alien: I sure do ....There's got to be more life in this vast universe and it seems strange that we would be the only living souls in it . And don't even go there with the big BANG theory about the universe , I mean what existed before then .....!!!! I think the Universe has been here forever and that in itself means that there has been plenty of galaxies with plenty of planets with plenty of life on them and some where there has got to be a civilisation that has the technology, far superior to ours to travel through the universe and to jump from galaxy to galaxy in order to reach our own solar system! ......Our planet has been visited ,I'm sure , many times ,even when the dinosaurs existed if not before , infact who say's that some of the creatures that existed back then , weren't brought here by aliens or beings them selves to change the course of our history or prehistoric history to enable life of a different sort to exist .....even as such as human life !
I know what a lot of people might say , that evolution played a big part of this and yes I believe that to be true also .But who's to say that at some time or other , beings from other solar systems or planets , didn't have an input in to how our planet is today !.....
This is just my theory , by the way , so don't go asking where I get my ideas from !

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PostSun Jun 08, 2008 11:30 pm » by Kpax0

Anyone who does not believe in extra terrestrial life is being ignorant to the fact that the universe is a huge place, with billions of galaxies and a billion billion chances for life to start in a little corner of some solar system. With that said, I say Maybe they are visiting us.

I would find it more fascinating if time travelers were the ones visiting from the future, or if beings from another dimension could actually come in contact, but thats another topic. I sure can't wait for the string theory to be tested with the new Large Hadron Collider in Geneva!!

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PostMon Jun 09, 2008 3:42 am » by Sylwith

Most definetely we are being visited by extra terrestrial/dimensional/mental beings with their own agendas. but what I really want to respond to is 2012. the belief that it is the end of the world is a farce and inaccuracy, a mistranslation that has been sensationalised. What the translation should have said was the end of the age/era/epoch. It is a time of great destruction change and growth that we are going to go through in the next 4-8 years. will humans survive this period, who knows. but the end of the world, NO. I personally looking forward to putting behind us these times we live in right now of great confusion and deception and with most of the population gone we will learn again how to be a true community working for life in general, or we will become a more militarized species if most of the destruction is from an outside source. We don't get to know what is going to happen because it is a great turning point in time for us and to know what will happen know would have drastically different effects upon us than if we go through the motions.

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PostTue Jun 10, 2008 2:40 am » by Ldawgthegr8


Looking at human history pretty much tells us that something is awry and just does not add up. Why is it that "our" civilization has went from riding on horseback to landing on the moon and satellites orbiting our planet in less than 150 years?! A 150 years people!! How many 150 year periods have previous civilizations on earth been thru, 50? 100? Why is it, that just our society has reached this level of advancement so fast? Just looking at the last 75-100 years we have accomplished flight, atomic power, analog and digital scientific principles of communication as well as vaccines against diseases that have been around for thousands of years!! To me there are only two possible reasons for this. One - there have been previous civilizations on earth that have reached our level of intelligence and beyond, only to destroy themselves or quite possibly been destroyed by ET's-(not GOD). Two - We are the first to reach this level of intelligence out of all the previous civilizations, BUT only with the help of ET's, since our advancement has happened so suddenly compared to the previous 3000 years of recorded history. I do not know which is the right answer, either way as you can see, ET's have most likely played a significant role in the history of humankind on this planet!! So it is by that reasoning that I must say that we as humans have always been TOO FULL of ourselves to the point of actually thinking that we are something unique to the universe - intellectually - and that we most obviously were Gods only creation in his own image. I do not believe in "GOD" per say, but in the belief that there is something bigger than us and some reason for all of this, we just don't know what it is yet!! But to believe that the entire universe was put here just for the “view” is absurd!! I do not go to church now, but as a child I was made to attend every Wed. and Sun. by my mother, and I don't recall the bible discussing the creation of solar systems, galaxies, black holes, comets, quasars, etc – which do exist!! My point is that we as humans always try to create an answer to our questions of (Life-What is its purpose?) with religious beliefs, so that we may sleep better at night. I present a belief that the bible is nothing more than a bunch of stories put together and handed down from generation to generation to make people behave and give them hope that eventually evolved into the religion of Christianity. There are too many unanswered questions in the bible. For instance, ask your local preacher this question and I bet you’ll get a blank stare instead of an answer. In genesis it is stated that Adam and Eve had 2 sons - Cain and Able. Cain killed Able, then in the following verses it says Cain fled to a far land and got married - TO WHOM??? Supposedly there were only 4 people on this planet!! I am not saying that there wasn't a cradle of life possibility- another religious assumption on our part, that we all started from just 2 people- just that the bible is supposed to be the source for answers but in reality causes more questions to be asked when you really dissect it’s text. This is just one example of unanswered questions the bible presents. However, the main theme I am trying to convey to everyone is this - Humans should not have the audacity to believe that we are the greatest creation ever of a benevolent being that will come back one day to punish or reward us for our worship of him. We should realize that we as humans are nothing more than living, breathing beings that are the products of an evolving intelligence that, without a doubt, exists in other places in this universe and has probably been involved in our own history, quite possibly from the beginning!!

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PostWed Jun 11, 2008 6:21 am » by Ahmanek

You would have to be naive not to think they are here now and always have and will be. Aren't they the gardeners of the universe? Chariots of the Gods mate! Would be good if they came and told all the God botherers before we are extinct in the name of religion.

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PostSun Jun 15, 2008 10:21 pm » by Alight

order a copy of this book or download it either way there both free. gods final witness. from the author of the book is claiming to be one of the last 2 prophets before armageddon. and that armageddon is going to happen any time now. its a good book. it helped me to understand a bit more about the bible and god. it tells you stuff about the solar system and what gods big plan is for us.

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PostMon Jun 16, 2008 4:35 pm » by Estanislao

Was reading that book when I came across this on page 7:

"God is bringing the world under one government, with only one true religion"

Sorry, couldn't get pass this. This smacks of Neo-con propaganda.

God needs a religion?
The Anunnaki set up worship ritual in Sumeria. They are a warrior race who NEED religion.

God doesn't need anything, least of all a religion.

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PostThu Jun 26, 2008 4:27 am » by Loneqqwolf

But of course I do just look at my latest posts and then you decide for your self, you just have to remember one thing, the maps are over a year old, so if they are still there I don't really know, oh and sorry for leaving the map quads out as I will retire soon and I am planning a trip there and I don't want to be trippoing over a lot of people, know what I mean.
If you believe in yourself, then that is all one needs.

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PostTue Jul 29, 2008 9:02 am » by rocky8800

I am conceived that we are a disengage rush, meant to accomplish our fortune of accepting care of this satellite and any sacred cognition that we can discover.
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PostWed Aug 06, 2008 4:19 am » by Raulrey

morganwardztas wrote:Yes,Because it was proved and I believed it,The Discovery channel showed the way that Aliens entered our planet.So I believe it.They proved the formation of the aliens.


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What is that Discovery Channel program (or serie) in which you saw the proof of aliens visiting our planet?
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