Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

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PostTue Nov 04, 2008 10:50 pm » by Snake Plissken

Well, you came to the right Forum to ask that question...!
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PostTue Nov 04, 2008 11:12 pm » by Vulcanic

mayan calendar ends in 2012 because thats when the calendar restarts, when all the planets are lined up in a strait line that is the beginning of the calendar.. in 2012 this event will happen again and we will be facen the center of the milkyway..

but it's not death its just the restart, don't take my word for it research it all,it's just common sence...

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PostSat Nov 08, 2008 7:25 pm » by Garrett29

In all reality no one knows anything, you can proclaim history/government cover ups no one has proof and even if they did so?

not trying to bring anyone down.... u can do all the research u want but we werent there we dont know what went on. only thing im sure of but could be wrong hell... is the government is definitely lying.

you guys need to read how the NSA works how they disinform the public.... they will send out people to tell a side of the story problem is they send 10 people out with 10 different stories even if some of them have real truth to them.

i believe and feel with every fiber of my soul there is aliens out there.... good and bad good ones will not help a race that will not help itself. so i do believe there is alot of false savior crap going on. then again iv had very many dreams about them and seen craft more and more now.

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PostSat Nov 15, 2008 9:25 am » by Darkplanet

Perhaps the biggest joke on the planet right now is SETI. There is overwhelming evidence of visitation and anyone stupid enough to believe otherwise is completely deluded by disinformation, fear and a complete lack of research into the areas that matter.

One only needs to investigate the massive FOI (Freedom of Information) requests which have provided fruitful quantities of information on the topic. There is "nail-in-the-coffin" proof of absolute government interest in the subject. Millions if not Billions have been invested into programs dealing with the study and engagement of UFO's. These programs have mutated over the years but they have never ceased operation.

If one goes through that logical study of the subject you simply cannot come away as a "skeptic". There IS a cover up, there are UFO's/Alien's visiting the planet and the fact that it is both hidden and we are too ignorant as a global culture to see it is disgusting.

Disclosure is the one thing that governments can do to change the planet in a meaningful way. The fact that they don't is criminal for it limits us in ways we can only imagine.

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PostSat Nov 15, 2008 11:23 pm » by Eaganthorn

Do I believe aliens have or still do visit this earth, yes, yes I do.
Do I believe that there are people who fabricate alien encounters for various reasons, yes, yes I do.
Do I believe there will be some sort of disclosure, yes, but only when those aliens are ready for it to happen and not a moment sooner. Why would the aliens conduct themselves in secret and not wish disclosure prior to and up to this moment?
Guess we'll have to ask them when the time comes.
Will they bring us hope, salvation, spirituality, etc? No, and neither would we take such a thing to another planet. There may be a scientific exchange of some kind but it would be limited.
Think about what we do if the roles were reversed. If we were to visit another world, would we willingly supply a technical advantage to one government faction over another? No, we could not in good conscience allow ourselves to become involved in their disputes, but we would continue with our research and ignore their plights.
Once they become advanced enough to accept our existance without attempting to use our technology to kill each other, we would then make a spectacle of contacting their world in an official manner.
If we keep this logic in mind, we can understand that we are not ready for the aliens who visit us to announce their presence as we still fight and kill each other over invisible lines on the ground. When you really think about it, we cannot even accept our own legitimately elected officials, let alone officials from other countries. Is it any wonder someone from another world is not ready for disclosure?
Science is truth, God is truth, therefore

God is Science.

All religions were written by men, to control the hearts and minds of other men.

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PostSat Nov 15, 2008 11:50 pm » by Spock

darkplanet wrote:Perhaps the biggest joke on the planet right now is SETI. There is overwhelming evidence of visitation and anyone stupid enough to believe otherwise is completely deluded by disinformation, fear and a complete lack of research into the areas that matter.

See "Dark" we are brothers!

PS. So are we to believe the Reed story now?

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PostSat Nov 15, 2008 11:54 pm » by Spock

And, while we're on this subject. Is there someway we can give McKinnen a break? He's no terrorist - hell, it's something I'd like to do. Not to mention that at any given time one of my teenage sons could be in their bedroom doing the exact same thing, not thinking anything about it. If the government came to my house over it, well, hmmmmmmmmmm?

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PostSat Nov 22, 2008 12:02 am » by Wulfher

no doubt

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PostSat Nov 22, 2008 2:20 am » by Jackson101

. in the last several months i have had 3 separate experiences. all of these were caught on film. unless what we see is top secret air force experimentation and yeah its highly possible, we will just take 1 look at footage thats posted from all over the world and every single day and make up our own minds

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PostMon Nov 24, 2008 1:39 am » by Brianmorin

anunaki wrote:Like most things in life, there are often more than one answer depending on the context of the question.
Do I believe Aliens are visiting earth.. hell yea

If you also ask.. Do I believe that Aliens are of earthly origin.. hell yea

And that’s the point here. I do believe that Aliens of an extraterrestrial origin, be it dimensional or distance are in fact trying to coax us OUT of self destruction by appearing in the hope that we will embrace them and progress on a more positive path in the future whereby we can relate and exchange wonders of incomprehensible magnitude.
I also believe that there is a false ET presence being deployed upon us as a propaganda exercise to convince us that the real outside alien presence is bad/evil and want to destroy or farm us or whatever. It will come down to the best magic trick on the day people. They will come and offer us hope but our slave masters will appear and offer us salvation in a false biblical rapture using an equally compelling display from technology they have kept from us over the years. Both will be equally inspirational and compelling.
Be aware of the $%^&ards that run your life.. for they have a lot invested in you and keeping you the way you are. Understand that this is a 2 headed problem of which one will take you on further into the darkness of secrecy and one will set you and yours free… forever. Possibly :P The point I’m making is that there is probably no one answer.. it’s down to you as an individual. And when the day arrives.. understand that there are 2 sides and that each side has a motive.

I applaud you and your perspective. Thanks. It was very clear. If people really want to be able to discern the difference between who is Lightest and who is Darkest, I suggest you consider developing your intuition. I might also add that the forces that want to control you - who are more than likely controlling you already - will be using their greatest tool; fear.

Live in your heart (corny eh!) and you'll be better off than most.

Bri :alien:


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