Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

Do you believe aliens visiting our planet currently?

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PostTue Jan 06, 2009 8:09 pm » by Tobygrey

I onley started investigating for a short while, and i found some verry interesting things
and YEAH i believe aliens walk the earth.

Im not going exlpain the reason why i believe that simpley becouse i dont have a good enough reason yet, (something that happend to me)
its a feeling
for now im still investigating.

but if you would ask me why would they walk the earth than i can onley think of 2 things!
1. They need us.
2. They need our planet.

when im abit further in my investigation i will try and give you guys/girls man/woman Alien/earthling some good reasons.

(exuuse my english)

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PostThu Jan 15, 2009 7:22 pm » by Riven

in my perspective...
i have found that our root gentetic make up is that of extra terrestrial origin. we are living among aliens that share our bloodlines, if even in the smallest of ways. genetics is a game that has been played here on earth for milions of years, and is still in the race for the claim on the highest stakes for our cellular memory. we are adolescent in our evolutions. we will come to understand the bigger picture the further we venture through this approaching gateway we call 2012. i would liken our postion in this galaxy to the self destructive teenager; one that everyone around is watching and waiting on to grow out of the tendancy to cut ourselves. above and below they scurry and muse at what is to become of who we truley are; keepers of earth. the 'guardians' to billions of DNA records and cellular memories, more valuable that any monitary gain could ever provide, some of which only exist on earth. not to mention our history beyond earth. they are your neighbours, your bus driver, your boss, your sister...whatever. there is no limit when one has reached further in the acsension process than what we could even concieve. there are dimensions and densities and frequencies and astral energies that we are not even aware of happening around us all the time. so, i guess that could lead into a totally different topic of where is 'here' and awhat is 'now'. :headscratch:

anyway, in short...yes, i do believe aliens are visiting our planet currently? :wink:

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PostThu Jan 15, 2009 7:48 pm » by Simonemendez

I have been following this ufo subject for 30 years, after a series of sightings I had, during a flapwave, in my then-area. For years, I held to the ufological 'conventional wisdom' that ufos are "spaceships" from "other planets" with ET ufonauts in 'em. But the longer I'm in this subject, the more --unclear-- it becomes to me, as to just precisely --what-- these ufos are. Meaning the truly anomalous ones, that give people the impression of spacecraft, in which terrestrial/military/dod-r&d can be ruled out. I saw a photo the other day, of --ancient-- aboriginal cave illustrations of what very much resembled 'the Greys'. This ufo phenomenon has been messing around here, forever, apparently. I think that dialog about ufo origin needs to include alternate 'outside-the-box' natures, to those things, besides visiting spacecraft, which 'utilizes' physics that our rocket-age only can concieve of, for now.

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PostThu Jan 15, 2009 9:15 pm » by Sovereignspirit

i know beyond a shadow of a doubt in my mind that there are visiting us currently.
im not talking about no shadow government black ops craft. but the real deal non terrestrial
craft. my heart never lies to me thats how i know... nevermind the overwhelming amount of evidence points in that direction. if your a person who puts any stock in the bible, the bible makes several mentions of "aliens". :bang;

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PostThu Jan 15, 2009 9:26 pm » by Simonemendez

No kidding. I had read the Bible, (2-or-3 different versions of it) (Years ago) and I never saw "aliens" in it.
What if these ufos are the fallen one third of old, leading us to the Great Deception? (Like a pied-piper leading all the lemmings off a cliff.....)

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PostThu Jan 15, 2009 10:57 pm » by Tobygrey

simonemendez wrote:No kidding. I had read the Bible, (2-or-3 different versions of it) (Years ago) and I never saw "aliens" in it.
What if these ufos are the fallen one third of old, leading us to the Great Deception? (Like a pied-piper leading all the lemmings off a cliff.....)

HAHA,.... and I never saw "aliens" in it.
Thats funny,
how do you think people in these days would describe creatures comming out of the skys with there flashy spaceships, angels mabey ? and creatures with supernatual Cababilities with or without technoligy,.. they would seem as gods in the eyes of humans in that time, so in my opinion god is an alien, and what about David an golioth? Golioth was a giant, and 1 of the ET race is a giant race. and what about Jezus with his increddible healing powers and walking on water thing, multiplying food an wine,...
those are just a few examples, the bible is full of it.

:alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien:

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PostTue Jan 20, 2009 9:41 pm » by Notgeoffrey

Now then, this is a very interesting question for me. It's difficult to describe my own perspective succintly, so apologies in advance if I start to ramble...

Do I believe there is life outside of our planet - absolutely. The chances of there NOT being life elsewhere are astronomically small. (Pun fully intended - hope you enjoyed it.)

Do I believe that the life is intelligent/sentient/whatever? - some of it is bound to be. It is simple evolutionary principles that drive me to this conclusion. Any form of life has the capacity to evolve into thinking beings, and in this I include the level of thinking that one can see in animals such as fish. Shoaling may be an instinctive reaction to external stimuli, but it is still a level of thought. Animals that are not thought generally to be intelligent have measurable learning curves, for example a frog will not try to eat a yellow and black buzzy thing more than once! Intelligence, defined in this argument as the capacity to make a decision, is an evolutionary certainty where any selective pressure is applied.

Do I believe that aliens are visiting our planet currently? Ahhh, now we get to the most base speculation. When we are trying to think of alien worlds with intelligent and technologically advanced beings exist, the probabilities begin to narrow. The chance of two worlds being able to detect life across the vast interstellar distances is a huge order of magnitude smaller, and finally the chance that one of those species is able to cross said distances is the smallest of all. We are not talking finding a needle in a haystack here, we are talking about finding one atom from that needle in a haystack the size of the Earth. Blindfolded. With your arms strapped behind your back. Oh, and no legs either. And geologically speaking, a few seconds time in which to do it.
That said, I'm trying to put across the idea of finding another advanced civilisation purely by chance. There are some that would say the aliens are finding us through our radio signals and TV broadcasts. Bear in mind that the earliest fully linguistic broadcast of radio was on December 24th 1906, from Brant Rock, Massachussets. This means that even under the best of circumstances that signal has travelled just over 102 light years. Our galaxy is estimated to be around 1000 ly thick, and 102,000 ly wide. That gives it a rough volume of 8,167,140,000,000 cubic light years. Our signals have so far covered just 555,365 cubic light years. This is 0.0000068% of our galaxy alone, not to mention the countless other galaxies out there too!
What I'm leading to is the idea that the chance of our signals alerting an advanced civilisation to our prescence is extremely small. What are the chances of such an advanced race being in that tiny percentage of space?

When all is said and done though, we simply have no concept of what a truly advanced race might be capable of. They may have means of detecting us and travelling here that we cannot even begin to imagine. The pace of technological advances on Earth is such that we are discovering new things at such a rate that every 50 years, 90% of the knowledge we have was discovered in that 50 year period. i.e. in 50 years time we will know 10 times as much about our universe as we do now, and we know 10 times as much now as we did 50 years ago. It boggles the mind to try and think of what we may discover in the future.

Maybe they are visiting us. I like to keep an open mind on the matter. Truth be told, I'd absolutely love it if we discovered we were not the only sentience out there. I try to temper my own wishes with a little realism though. The chances are phenomenally small.

Thanks to those who have stuck with me and read this far. Those who have managed to follow my musings will also probably realise that they could be summed up in five simple words....

"It's possible, I don't know."


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PostWed Jan 21, 2009 7:35 pm » by Debris765nju

If you keep your eyes to the skies you're going to walk all around the aliens here on the ground. ALIENS-they're not just for outer space anymore.

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PostWed Jan 21, 2009 8:40 pm » by Nightowl

Too many pictures, too many videos, too many stories!!! They can't all be fake!! If they are the Aliens sure have done a good job when they genetically engineered our imaginations!!

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PostThu Jan 22, 2009 6:00 pm » by Bink02

:flop: Well I'd have to say yes, I have seen some pretty strange things flying around over the years...alien origin? don't know , but strange none the less..My dad was with project bluebook from about the late 50's to early 60's , I believe... , now he told me when I was about 12 or so that he had seen a top secret film on the Roswell crash , about recovered crash pieces , and three dead , burnt , alien bodies...and his job as an investigator , was not so much dis-information as it was they had to have"smoking gun" proof, he himself , I believe , classified 2 or three as 'unknown' . But sadly , it's just another story, no pictures, no artifacts, just a story a father told his son about what he did in the airforce . That , along with things I,ve seen in the sky over the years, has convinced me , that SOMETHING is out there , but what , I don't have a clue.... :alien:
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