Do you believe in the war on terror?

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I do believe that there are terrorist cells out there that want to do lots of harm to innocent people because they believe they are divinely guided to do so. I don't believe that bombing the hell out of countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and involving this country in endless war is going to ever stop them. I don't believe that terrorists were behind 9-11, at least not the ones they say did it. I believe Gdub and his cronies created it as an excuse to send Americans to die in Iraq for oil and revenge and in Afghanistan for drugs and money. I don't see the "War on Terror" ever ending. It's too convenient an excuse for corporations and a greedy soulless military industrial complex to make money. And I also don't believe that the radical Islamic factions that see a clear way to heaven as blowing up civilians will ever stop, and no amount of saber rattling on our part or threats of violence, and no amount of progressive Islamics on TV talking about how the majority of Muslims are peaceful people, will ever end the acrimony and violence on both sides. It is, after all, impossible to argue rationally with someone who is receiving instructions from God. It's just more pain and misery brought into the world...all part of some grand evil plan IMHO.
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