Do you remember any of your past lives?

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PostMon Feb 21, 2011 1:08 pm » by Svaha

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PostMon Feb 21, 2011 2:37 pm » by Gordaxl

Well some years ago i was attending a lecture by a clairvoyant named Marion Dampier-Jeans, she offered to do individual readings there and i took the offer...
What she told me about my most recent life before this one was a bit shocking, she told me i had grown up and studied in Austria, and was teaching at a university there until WW2 broke out, and was serving as an officer in Hitler's army, against my will... she told me i was killed outside Stalingrad.
After that she told me about at least 2 other past lives where i had been involved in military, again as some kind of officer, in one of those lives she believed i was part of the aristocratic upper class, because she saw me acting like an "arrogant ass" and treated lower class people like garbage in general...

So having been told that i'm not at all surprised why i avoid "conflict" at all cost, and being a pascifist in this life...

I believe i've had a lot of other past lives, and have always since i was very young had a very strong attraction to both Japan and Egypt...
2 other clairvoyant people i've met on separate occasions have both told me i was a "star-child" and that i had a special purpose in this life, and i only needed to find out that special purpose for a lot of things to start happening, sadly i have still not figured that out yet...

Well that's my story...


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